Friday, February 7, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1. Once upon a long time ago, I competed in speed skating; it was my favorite sport. Growing up in Sweden, I was also very fond of cross-country skiing.

2. Every four years I look forward, with a great deal of anticipation, to the Winter Olympic Games. Where I cheer for Sweden first and the U.S. second. During the summer games this gets reversed. This year, I'm worried and hope everyone will be safe. But I don't want the terrorists to gain the upper hand on my brain, so I will watch and focus on the brave and hard-working young athletes, who, just by being there, are winners. 

3. Welcome dark clouds hovered over the canyon most of the week, parting with little of value to us here on the ground until yesterday, when some much needed rain fell on our California canyon. 

4. I'm feeling much better. I saw my own doctor and, after checking me over, he told me that all is well but will take some time to heal. The greatest danger with rib injuries, he said, is pneumonia - so more deep breaths. "And be careful around large dogs," said he. Good advice, since Samson's the third dog involved in me taking a fall.

5. I learned about this British organization from 
Hayley-Eszti a blogger friend of mine from the U.K. Please check it out. All you do is find a sick child and send a postcard or something else to wish that child well. This appealed to me because it's so simple, yet will bring so much joy to a child. Just imagine! Getting a card all the way from America, Canada, Sweden, Africa, Argentina or anywhere in the world where you, my blogger friends, reside. Imagine how much fun that would be for a child facing serious illness. 

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

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  1. Love the photos!
    It's my first Random 5, so lovely to 'meet' you and IO'm glad you're feeling better :)

  2. I remember after a surgery that deep breaths were encouraged....

    Hugs to Samson from Buck and Sioux. xo

  3. Praying for your health. Enjoyed your random five.

  4. Good Morning, Inger! What we wouldn't give to be young again, huh? I truly wish I could send some of our excess rain to you, but the world doesn't turn in that direction. Have a great day!

  5. good news from the doctor and really good news about the hubby did a lot of ice skating growing up but never skied. I have always lived in the South so none of that for me. enjoy your games. and you are right about focus on the games not all the hype on TV

  6. Oh Inger you got rain I am happy for you maybe some more will be on its way. I am happy about your doctors orders tell Samson to be gentle. Speed skater I love that little tidbit I can imagine you doing it now. Have a nice weekend Inger going to check out the site for the postcards. Hug B

  7. really like your first 'pencil sketch' shot and your header, too. and hooray for some rain! i hope more comes your way soon!

  8. That first photo, looks like a woodprint to me, Inger. Glad the doctor has checked you out. I think you need to lose that pole that poked your rib, and get a proper walking stick, made for your height.

    That postcard idea is a great way to brighten a child's view of the world.

  9. We are all holding our breath for the safety of everybody at the Olympics. I think Russia and all the nations are doing everything the can to prevent a catastrophe.

    I am glad you are doing better and hope you will be back to being 100% soon.

  10. Glad you received the rain. I understand the concerns of dogs after injuries, hope that Samson keeps his paws on the ground :)

  11. Speed skating! - wow - I'm lucky to just stay upright! I do love cross country skiing - but once again, pretty lucky to stay upright...

    I hope you're feeling better soon!

  12. A day without pain is rare for me, so I appreciate your daily painful breathing.

    Winter Olympics. This year I remember the Olympics of 1972.

  13. Heeeeeeeellos!
    Wow, dat is so cool you used to compete in skatin'! I imagine bein' from sweden most everybuddy is involved in some sort of winter sport. and nows, everytime my mum hears sumptin' bouts sweden her ears perk up cuz of you....hehehe.


  14. I'm so happy to see that you too have shared postpals here on your blog, if we can make just one child smile that is enough! I too have to practise deep breathing for health reasons, and I listen to guided meditation which really helps fill my body with air to heal, if you want to have a listen Andrew Johnson is good and can be found on youtube (he is Scotish though so I hope you could understand his accent!) Enjoy the winter games, we are a big sport loving family, what did you think of the opening ceremony?

  15. So glad to hear you're better AND that you got some rain! I'll do the postcard thing -- what a nice idea!

  16. I haven't been here for a while, so I went back and read some of the posts that I'd missed. So sorry to hear about your fall, but thank goodness it wasn't worse. I've had pleurisy a few times, so I have an inkling of how painful it may be for you to take deep breaths, but you've gotta do it for your own good.

    I'm glad to hear you've finally gotten some rain. Here's to getting a lot more of it... slow and steady, so the ground can absorb it.

    Happy weekend! We'll be watching the Games, too.

  17. Speed skating? I'll bet you were great, Inger!!! I can almost see it...:)JP

  18. Glad you are better!! We just stopped over real fast since we are in Sochi competing in the Olympics. Make sure when you watch TV you look to see us!

    Your Olympic Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  19. I prefer the Winter Olympics, more interesting in my mind.

  20. oh, what a good idea ... i love sending postcards. need to check out that website. thanks for the suggestion. big big hugs. ( :

  21. I'm glad you're better. I don't feel very interested in the Olympics this time. The location affects my feelings. I have no desire to "visit" Russia, but I'm sure I'll watch at least a bit.


  22. Love that glowing tree in the first shot.

    We're boycotting the Olympics this year; unfortunately, it's not really about the sports - or doesn't seem to be.

  23. I hope you enjoy the Olympics, Inger. I don't watch too many of the events, but I will be tuning in from time to time. I'm very concerned about the security issues. I do hope there isn't any violence! ox Debra

  24. I am glad you are feeling better. Rib injuries take a long time to heal and are very painful. What a great idea about the postcards! We will be watching the Olympics this year and I will be concentrating on the sport and not on the politics.

  25. Two delightful things. 1 - you're feeling better. 2 - intriguing art. Having had both a broken rib and pneumonia, I would prefer to stay away from both; they are not fun.

    I feel fairly "ho-hum" about the Olympics. A marketing extravaganza if ever I saw one. I might watch mens' and women's hockey, but I'm not even firm on that.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  26. I am so glad you are feeling much better!
    Really just great you have rain on your place!

    Have a pleasant weekend, dear Inger.

  27. Hi Inger ,
    How lovely that must of been speed skating !!
    So sorry to hear you have taken a fall , I do hope you mend quickly ! Sending all the best wishes for a speedy recovery !
    Oh I know what you mean , I am always trying to catch myself from tripping over enthusiastic animals ~ but usually it is my smaller dog or the chickens that sneak up on me when I am in motion .

  28. Hej Inger !
    Idag hurrar vi för Charlotte Kalla som tog silver i OS. Hoppas du följde det på TV. Har du brutit ett revben? Fy - då vet jag hur du mår. Gjorde det förra året och det är förfärligt....Men det går över. Andas djupt som din doktor säger och man kan också ta typ Voltaren tabletter för att lindar smärtan.
    Ha det fint/Lasse

  29. We too are becoming 'fixed' to the TV screen and watching the Olympics. really have to admire their skill and dedication.
    Inger, I really like your first photo! Somebody is having some fun I see with editing.
    Good to hear of your positive health report. Keep up the good work/breathing!!

  30. Glad to hear you are doing well. We could all do better with reminders to breath deeper. What a neat idea about post cards. It would really brighten their day - and mine. I will check it out.

  31. Dear Inger, I'm glad to learn that you did get some rain. And I'm glad that you maintain your love of Sweden--as witnessed by your A-Z postings. It will always, I would think, be home to you. Just as I feel that Minnesota is my home. And yet we have both successfully been "transplanted."

    I'm enjoying watching the Olympics. I much prefer the winter ones to the summer ones. Last night, however, from 8 to 9 pm I was watching the 6th episode of "Downton Abbey." I don't know how to record a program for rewatching and so I just had to let go of the Olympics to watch my favorite program.

    I do so hope you are being really careful around Samson. NO MORE FALLING!!!! Peace.


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