Saturday, May 12, 2012

Angel 1998 - 2012

After a rough night, Angel died early this morning. We buried her in the yard next to her beloved Bandit, with the scent of lilacs floating through the air and turtle doves flying low above. 
Angel was 13 years and approximately 7 months. She came to our Los Angeles house in June 1999, and refused to leave; she has taken care of all of us ever since. Angel had discoid lupus that only affected her nose. Other than that, she was never sick a day in her life, she didn't suffer from age-related arthritis, she could jump, run, play, and guard still. I am devastated and will take a few days off from blogging to take care of myself and spend time with Samson, who was so attached to her. She raised him and taught him all he knows. 

I wish all of you who take care of kids or critters a very Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.


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