Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nooo, Not That Place Again!

About 10 days ago, I had to go back to see the smiling people with the big needles again to get my combo shot. I didn't get a chance to complain to you about it. Just let me tell you that when we drove through town, here comes a big, big, huge train and lets out a noise so loud that I got so SCARED, I jumped from the back of the Jeep to the front and landed in daddy's lap, nearly causing a big ACCIDENT. After all that I thought I was done with that place, so I smiled my Samoyed smile, thinking I was going for a nice ride with mommy and daddy when they put me in the car on Monday.

So I just sat there, being a good boy, minding my own business. But as we got off the freeway and drove up that hill in town, I began to worry and started looking out the window to see where we were going.

And as soon as we  got to this corner and turned, I knew I was done for. Once again they were taking me to meet some smiling person with a big, big needle. AGAIN!!! Enough already, I said to myself and started to plan my escape......

But daddy had me in a firm grip and no matter how much I protested...... You can see I'm being DRAGGED here!  

Please, somebody, get me out of here!!

I was told I was getting the second shot of my rattlesnake vaccine and then I'd be done for a whole year. They said, better that than getting bitten by one of those creepy, crawly, critters. Once mommy paid, I knew I had to resign myself to my fate. Stupid snakes, causing me all this pain and trouble. And I've never even met one of your kind.

When they called my name, I put my head down and tried to be invisible. Not a chance. A pretty smiling young girl came out and talked sweet to me. But I'm wise to these tricks by now. Mommy went with me as far as the weighing machine. All she cares about is if I'm getting fat -- 61 pounds is what I weigh, so look out -- by next year I may be so big you couldn't even drag me in here. He, he, I like the thought of that!

Finally I was all done and outside again, sniffing the smells the other dogs left behind.

And here I am again. I was smiling, as we turned on to our canyon road and

our big, beautiful canyon opened up in front of me. Soon we were home and after I took a nap all was forgotten. I'm a dog after all and us dogs hold no grudges.

Have a nice day, everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup.


  1. so glad you story had a happy ending in your canyon. you are so beautiful and were so good. i am proud of you. i did not know there is a snake vaccine. i guess that is common because you live in the desert with many snakes.

  2. Very nice post, Inger, and lovely photos. Nice model, too. It's fun giving our pets voices. . .

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. wow! 61 lbs is all?! you are all hair, big boy!!!

  4. Samson, I hope you don't have to visit the smiling needle people again for a long time.


  5. Oh Samson, it's awful what these humans put us through! I don't know what a rattle snake is.. but it doesn't sound pretty. I think you were pretty brave and I would have reacted the same way. I always love the smells at these places, but I don't like those smiling people faces, no not one little bit. They are up to something- always! Glad you see your smile again Samson.. You are my handsome guy! XOXO Gracie

  6. Oh Samson, what a big brave beautiful doggie you are! And you even have a fine sense of humour!

  7. I'm glad you are protected now! I know that isn't fun getting shots. Jack and Jill don't care for them either.

  8. Oh, Samson, you are so brave & handsome! You are like a knight in shining armor, but instead of armor you have all that gorgeous white fur--& that's even better!!

  9. Inger and Samson - Im taking the time out to say - how much I appreciate seeing all that white fluff on your car seat - twice- because now we know we are not alone in having "angora" truck seats...

    And so glad you are on the health wagon again, Samson!!! Keep up the good work ;)!

  10. So glad to hear that everything went well :)
    Take care Samson and have a lovely day!

    Big hugs

  11. I have been considering that rattle snake vaccine for my dogs. Glad all went well for Samson!

  12. Härliga bilder! Har ni skallerormsvaccin. Är det för ev bett, vad händer annars? Inte finns det huggormsvaccin här...

  13. I'm glad that you have a great day today Samson, I love viewing your shots you look gorgeous and handsome on your photos :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  14. Samson, you did a great job of retelling your tale! Tucker thought the groomers were bad... he woulda hated to have a shot!

  15. Samson, you look so handsome!

  16. Hi Samson .. I really think it was the best idea - a Rattler would be lethal .. and methinks Mommy and Daddy want you (you handsome brute) around a little longer .. so the pain once a year is worth it - bet you've forgotten about it now!

    Cheers Hilary

  17. Samson, you mean, if you can't see them, they can still see you?

    Rats. :)

  18. Samson..I am so impressed...all that worry and you made it through with flying colours...all the view of your wonder you slept when you got hope...PEACE!!!

  19. I ditto the above comments. Loved the post. Last night we watched a TV program about the beautiful Hudson River valley. Makes me wonder: why do we call yours a canyon (maybe Spanish language?), and call these in the eastern U.S. valleys.


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