Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pippi Birdie is Gone

Pippi Birdie 2000 - 2012

Yesterday started as a perfectly normal day for Pippi Birdie and me.  At lunch time, I fed him, put a new paper in his tray, gave him water. Then in the afternoon, he started to fall off his perch, I noticed he never touched this food. He didn't look sick at all -- he was sick once, so I know what that looks like. Instead he got sort of possessed. It was horrible. It took several hours for him to quiet down. My husband was in Los Angeles, so I went through this by myself. When my husband got home, Pippi was quiet on the floor of the cage. It was clear he wasn't going to make it. But we gave him some water with a dropper, put some seed by him, and put him in the back bedroom and covered him up. This morning he was gone.

Neither my husband nor I like birds in cages, but I am still so glad we got a chance to know a very special one. It started one evening in 2000 when my husband spotted something green in the street in Los Angeles. He stopped his truck, got out and rescued a little green parakeet. His sister told us they like company and gave us Pippi Birdie. The green bird was not nice to Pippi, who was a very young bird when we got him. She'd peck on him all the time, so when she died, we decided to let Pippi live alone. Something I believe he was most grateful for and certainly knew how to make the best of, constantly playing, arguing and fighting with his mirrors. 

We will miss your twitters and songs very much. You were a very sweet and lovely bird and I am glad to have been your mom all these years.


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