Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Country Road

The other week, when I was in town with my camera, I drove down the paved part of Cherry Lane. 

It's a pretty country road in spring when the cherry trees are in bloom. There used to be large cherry orchards on this road and many trees still stand. I was too late for the cherry blossoms, but look at all the poppies I found on one side of

the road. On the opposite side lilacs were in bloom. The picture doesn't show how pretty it was -- I stayed in the car and took it from inside. 

And I even found an old barn. There's such a shortage of old barns around here and I have been sort of envious of all the fun barn blog hops and photos that I see on other blogs. So  I was happy to come upon this one.

This was a private road, I think, so I didn't drive up to get closeups of all those poppies that seemed to get better and better further up the road. 

These looked like old, gnarly apple trees. Since they were on Cherry Lane, I don't know if maybe they were very old cherry trees. Doesn't matter, they were lovely to look at.

And here, I stopped the car, got out, and just inhaled all the loveliness of springtime in the mountains.

I started playing with a new template a bit late in the day for me, so the changes are a work in progress.


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