Friday, May 11, 2012

Samson's Tale of Woe ~ Part Two

Samson Says:

First I want to let MY readers know that I was sick in March and April. Now I'm a frisky, healthy young pup again.  Sorry if you got worried, but you see, mommy was doing that challenge stuff, A to Z, in April and I had to wait to tell you all about my woes.

Anyway, after two happy weeks, I got put in the car again and off we went back to

the scary place full of those smiling humans with big needles in their hands. 

When mommy signed me in here, I overheard that I was supposed to be fixed! Fixed? I thought I was fixed last time I was here. I've been feeling pretty good ever since. Then mommy said something inside me had grown too large and now they were going to fix me. But they would come for me in the morning. She said, "don't be scared, Samson, it will

be over before you know it." Then mommy and daddy left me again. AGAIN! And I felt like howling and peeing and throwing up all at once. That's what happens when you leave me there, you uncaring, you.........

Then they came smiling, good Samsoning me, but even though I was wise to their tricks it did me no good and to sleep I went. I dreamed, once again, I was a puppy and loving on my Angel, kissing her ears, telling her how good she was to me. Oh, how I wish she could be here with me. I know she'd growl at all these smiling people and chase them away.

I had some other puppy dreams too that reminded me of how much I like to dig in the dirt. Just you wait until I get home, I'll get my digging revenge for sure. I'll just drag dirt all over your silly old carpets. 

But most of all, I dreamed of being home, playing steal the 

sock with Angel. I'm getting pretty good at stealing it from her.

Instead, I wake up in this contraption. The smiling face said it was so I wouldn't chew on my legs. My legs?! They got fixed too? "Dew claws," they said, "were too big, had to come out." OUCH! That hurt! Why do you want to hurt me, mommy? OUCH! 

I got something called PAIN PILLS, and they were fun. Made  the pain go away and me feel pretty happy! And then I got my revenge: I discovered I could run into mommy's legs full speed ahead with this contraption on and she'd scream in pain. Especially when she didn't have her jeans on. Boy, that was a lot of fun!

Eating was a whole lot less fun! How do they expect a dog to eat and drink with this contraption on? Well, smart Samoyed that I am, I figured it out, but it wasn't easy. Oh, and when I had thrown up blood before, like I told you yesterday, I had some problem with my pancreas, which made all TREATS a NO NO. Dog biscuits were OK, but no human food treats. So even though they felt sorry for me, I got NOTHING for it. 

After two weeks, the stitches came out, the contraption came off, and I was back to normal again, playing steal the sock with Angel. Here I am celebrating my victory over illness and surgeries with a stolen sock and a big Samoyed smile.

Have a nice day everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup.


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