Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Treasured Family & Treasured Blogger Friends

After yesterday's post, I didn't feel like writing about Treasures & Things today. So instead, a few words about friends and family. What you see below are pictures from my husband's brother's house here in town. A very artistic person, who loved birds, lived there before and the place is a reflection of whimsical fun:

Bird houses that represent a hotel, an airport, a jail and so on; a shed painted with flowers and a cat snoozing in the window, painted benches, and many other lovely things. These pictures are old, but you may not have seen them before. We went there yesterday for a barbecue that I very much enjoyed. I treasure my husband's family so much, they have truly become my own. 

I always hesitate to write how I feel about things, like the state of the nation, on my blog. I used to be on the front lines of fighting for what I thought was right when I was young, but now I want the young people of today to do it. While I greatly admire older people who stand up and fight for what they believe in, I just want to be here and tend to my soul so to speak. I have several major illnesses to deal with and feel a need to nurture myself now. I love the peace of living here, in nature, not even close to nature, but in nature, with those I love. And take pictures and write about my life here.

But then things happen or things go on and on and I just have to say something. I think the best post I ever wrote was about the suicides of gay young men, when so many died so close together. Yesterday, I wasn't going to write anything, but then, after reading Kittie's blog, I felt compelled to say what I said. 

 See the ground squirrel?

This morning, I read your comments and I want to thank you so much. Today is Tuesday and what better treasures than friends? I have some really, really wonderful friends in "real" life and should they read this, please know you are treasured.   And all of you that I have met through this blog. I never expected this to happen. I had no idea that you could make friends on the Internet. And it isn't superficial friendships either. I have talked about that harness before, then there was that fund raiser, that little dog, the flowers for Leontien, and so much more. People help each other with advice on publishing books, raising chickens and other farm animals, tending vegetable gardens, posting countless of wonderful recipes, and on and on. And now I even have a dog who is in love with another dog on another blog!!! Who would have thought?

I love reading your blogs and feel guilty when I don't have the time to read them all. I love your comments and love to leave my own. Which reminds me that there are still some blogs that I really like where the blog owners have kept that pesky double word verification thing. It is absolutely unnecessary in my book and I think in the experience of most bloggers. I wish you would get rid of it!
So, after a nice family gathering yesterday, and after reading your comments today, I feel a lot better. I appreciate your friendship so much.


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