Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank You

Thank you so much from all of us to all of you who left such heartfelt, kind, and thoughtful comments and emails after learning about Angel.

Yesterday was very difficult for Samson. He was so attached to Angel, she was his mommy, his playmate, his best friend in this world. He wouldn't eat, drink water, use the bathroom, nothing. I was very, very worried. But then this morning he was happy going on his walk with Soldier; he ate all his dinner and did all the normal things that dogs do. 

Since Samson grew up and wasn't fixed in a timely manner, not until the other week, actually, he could not be trusted with Soldier and did cause that awful injury to Soldier's back. Because of this, we are keeping them separate, except for their walks. So Soldier didn't spend as much time with Angel as he did earlier. He hasn't looked for her and doesn't seem to miss her.

Before my husband rescued him, as he was on his way to the pound, Soldier had been tied to a dog house for the first seven years of his life. I think he feels he's in heaven already, living here with us. As long as he gets to walk, eat, get petted, and spend time with my husband, he is one happy dog and pretty oblivious to what else is going on around here. 


My husband and I are, of course, very sad, but we're focusing on keeping Samson happy and occupied. And it helps us a lot. And look, we have two wonderful dogs that need all the love we can give them. 

We will miss Angel, who did more for us that I think we will ever know. She truly took care of us, worried about us, watched over us. For the first 10 years of her life, she never really slept, always one eye, or one ear, or something was awake and watching over us. Why she did it or saw a need 

for it, I don't know, but she always watched over us. As she got older, nature took over, and she finally slept. And she so deserved to.

Again, thank you so much for your friendship and caring. I will visit all your blogs to thank you again, but that will take 

a while.

Finally, on a completely different subject (as life goes on) I'm thinking of opening a photo blog. Just a few photos, no text, except a title or explanation, for each post. I had that thought a long time ago and I have a second blog that is not open right now. The other day, to take my mind off things, I created a new template that will show off photos better than this blog. I also decided to use Picasa for now, because so many photos are there already, so I have begun to figure it out. A friend gave me Photo Shop, but I haven't installed it. My computer is old, the speed is slow, so Picasa seems to work pretty well. But I am open to any suggestions.

I'm thinking I could post some old photos, there are tons of them, some very interesting, like all those clouds for example. I have many new followers who have never seen them and those of you who did, a couple of years ago, have probably forgotten all about them anyway.

I would love some feedback from those of you who enjoy taking photos for your blogs. Thanks! 


  1. i'm glad samson has bounced back. i know your hearts will be heavy for a while.

  2. Inger, it takes such a along time to grieve...and both people & animals need to take the time to do it!...:)JP

  3. Inger, because of the hectic pace of last week because of my involvement with our county-wide food drive, I've not been able to keep up with the blogs like I would have...So I missed your post about your beloved Angel. I'm so, so sorry about your loss. But I think this post shows the old saying is true that 'a heart can be broken, but it goes on beating just the same.' Samson has proved that as his inner spark has been ignited again. I hope YOU are finding comfort in your memories of a well lived life that Angel had and in knowing that you'll see her again one day.

  4. Dear Inger, I've just discovered your lovely blog, and I'm a new follower...I am so sorry about your sweet Angel ~ they do take a piece of our hearts with them, don't they? So nice to meet you, friend.
    Anne ♥♥

  5. I'm pleased to know that Samson is doing better without his Angel. And that life is getting back on track for all of you. I certainly understand how you all miss your guardian. Sad times, which will slowly improve.

    About a picture blog. I thought that's what you had already. How would it be different from what you have now?

  6. I'm glad Samson is feeling better. We had a Golden who mourned her lost buddy for a few days. It was so sad to see and I felt so powerless in not being able to explain things to her.
    Your photos are always lovely. A photo blog would be a fun way to share them. I can't help you with any photo editing suggestions. Sorry! I occasionally use the photo editing features that come with iPhoto (since I use an Apple product) but I don't have much experience with anything else.

  7. A lovely tribute to Angel Inger - I'm so sorry for your loss ... I can't speak for anyone else but I often feel greater sadness at the death of an animal than a human ... I've tried to figure this out but can't ...

  8. Hundar sörjer med och det får ta den tid det tar. Samson lär nog ha det lite jobbigt en tid till sedan brukar det rulla på. Fina bilder på dina vovvar. Hemskt att höra hur Solder varit bunden så där. Tur att ni tog hand om honom.

    Kul med en foto blogg. Jag har Picasa med, enkelt program och man kan göra en hel del.


  9. Animals do grieve and I am glad you are giving Samson the extra love. It will help you both.

  10. Late, as usual, Inger. I was very sad to open this post and learn about Angel. It's so hard to watch the creatures we love grow old and leave us, but we can take comfort in knowing that they had a good, and happy life. I hope that Samson continues to recover from the trauma of losing her.

  11. My dear Samson... hang in there buddy. You should feel good knowing you were such a good companion to Angel, and one day you will be with Angel again and there will be no sickness, just running and playing together. ((DOGGIE HUGGS)) (((LOTS OF LOVE))) from your Gracie.

  12. That is a great picture of you Inger. I follow a couple of photo blogs. If it is too much work to have 2 then you could just incorporate more photos into this one...just an idea. I hope Samson's heart continues to heal.

  13. I actually came back to check on you and glad things are improving slowly but take each day at a time...thinking of you and your precious pups!

  14. A second blog sounds like so much more work. Maybe you could publish this blog in 2 sections; 1 for photos & 1 for text.

    I'm glad Samson, you & your husband are doing a little better now!

  15. Recently I accidentally said Faulkner's name in Harper's hearing. Faulkner died July 27, 2010, but Harper looked so expectant, so happy that maybe The Big Dog was returning. I felt terrible. They depend on each other just as we depend on them.


  16. Samson needed time to mourn the loss of his beloved Angel as well so he should do that in his own time and way. I am glad to hear he enjoyed his walk and dinner. How could he not mourn her lost as I was so sad to learn about her passing and I only new her from your blog.

    About 2 blogs: I agree with what some said - it will be too much work. You can use that template on this blog and so all of the pictures you add will be as you want them to be. You can save a day or two for just photos or you post them when you don't have time to write.

    About photos: I use Picassa, too. They now added a few new features and I feel it suits my needs. I have Photoshop but I didn't even dare trying it:)

  17. Hi Inger - a pleasure .. I'm pleased the other dogs are keeping you out of mischief .. sad times for all.

    With thoughts - Hilary

  18. Dear Inger, . . . thank you for these photographs of Soldier and Samson and for explaining the relationship between the two of them and between them an Angel.
    What a lovely family you have.

    As to the photo blog. I'd so appreciate seeing more of your photographs. I've read your blog for only about eight months and so I've missed so much.

    Peace. And be gracious to yourself.

  19. this post is breaking my heart, i missed all this since you disappeared. i will try to keep up. go for the posting the pics only, several bloggers do that. i will follow if i can.


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