Thursday, May 10, 2012

Samson's Tale of Woe - Part One

OK, so she's finally gonna let me blog. After all I've been through you'd think I'd be a PRIORITY, but after patiently waiting for the A to Z nonsense to be over with, I have to wait for sunsets, poppies, and Sunday morning reflections. I could do some reflecting of my own about how important that makes me........

This is what happened: I was feeling really bad, but both mommy and daddy were sick too, so it took a while for them to notice. They thought I was just being CONSIDERATE, being quiet, but I was really feeling bad. Then one day, I went all over the carpet and then I threw up BLOOD. Boy, that blood lit a fire under daddy and he rushed me here

and left me! Left me!! I was getting really scared. Then they put me in a CAGE! And then they poked me, and put me in front of machines that took pictures of me, and, finally, they decided what was wrong with me. This made them happy and, smiling, they approached me with a big needle! Before I knew what happened, they shaved fur off my leg and stuck the needle in. They kept smiling and said they had to pump fluids into me, so be a good doggie, Samson. I would have none of it! I ripped it out THREE times and they were getting pretty fed up with me and stopped smiling. I hoped this would result in me getting to go home. No way, instead they poked more needles into me somewhere I couldn't reach. They said I had to get fluids in me to make me well. 
I got so tired of all the fuss, I went to sleep and dreamed of when I was little and made a big mess:

First I played in the water,

then I dug in the excellent way to make a big old mess!

Then I dreamed I walked with daddy, Angel, and Soldier and wondered would daddy ever come back for me

so I could come home and play with my Gracie 2 and read my other Gracie's Diary on mommy's blog.

After another day in the CAGE, daddy finally came and picked me up. I was one HAPPY dog, but my happiness was not meant to last long. 
To be continued.......

Have a nice day, everyone!

Posted by Samson, the Samoyed Pup


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