Thursday, January 27, 2011

Canyon Rocks, Books, Friends, Gratitude, and More

I couldn't post to my blog yesterday and after spending a couple of hours trying, I gave up. It was my friend Rachael's birthday, so a belated Happy Birthday to you, Rachael. 

I also wanted to welcome two new followers to my blog: Silent Reader and T. M. Kamson. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

Finally: Thank you all so much for your fun comments about my husband's move and my chicken dinner. I loved them all!

As I looked outside this morning, spring fever overtook my senses and never mind all the work waiting for me in the house, I had to get outside. When it was Angel's turn to walk, I took the camera. We didn't go rock hunting; we just went for a lazy walk and took pictures of whatever we encountered. We saw many, many Western Scrub Jays, but they were too quick for my camera. The rocks, of course, were easier targets. 

It's really what grows on the rocks that's the most interesting.

A raven flew above, calling: croak, croak, croak.

A book from Sweden landed in my mailbox the other day. A gift from my friends Inga and Christina. 

The book was a surprise and they have no idea how thrilled I am to get it. The story takes place in Estonia, a country I have yet to read about, as far as I can remember. The book got very good reviews in Europe and I'm looking forward to reading it. Thank you both for this surprise!

Yesterday, I took out all the books I got from my friends lately and was astounded by their number. When I was injured and unable to drive, I felt it was very thoughtful of my friends to send books. They know books sort of keep me going, keep my stress in check, and so on. But now that I am fine, I'm just overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity.

My goat of a dog. Angel loves three things: To run, to sniff, and to climb. She is not much for food, treats, or petting. She also loves to look after me and guard the house and all of us in it.

Another raven flies by.

Sniff, sniff, who's been here? What are those stripes in the rock, I wonder. That's me, not Angel wondering about the stripes. She probably just wonders who went here or what kind of critter left this smell.

Back to yesterday, I decided to take pictures of all the books, post them on my blog, and thank my friends for their generosity that way. Well, everything got messed up. Most of the photos came out sideways and I have yet to find out if there is any way in Blogger to turn a photo clockwise. And Word, where I had my text, froze repeatedly. I turned the computer on and off, but nothing helped. All these messages…No -- I really didn't want an Error Report; I just wanted it to work!!! So frustrating!

So, Jane, Rachael, Judy, Inga and Christina – if you read this, as I hope you will: Thank you so much for all the wonderful books you have sent me recently. 

I also want to thank my friend Carol for always thinking of me with a gift subscription to a magazine when one is offered. 

The TV that arrived from the LA house has not yet been hooked up, so right now I can't even watch DVDs. With nothing to watch, I find myself going through the books so much faster. In the last few days, I have finished a light-hearted and fun book from East Africa --  Kenya to be specific, and I have almost finished Zeitoun, a book that is blowing my mind. More about them later. 

A cactus without thorns, growing in the cold and frost we have here at night.

Angel is enjoying her morning. I think I'm recovered now and back to our morning walks.  This was just wonderful – I feel so much more alive and invigorated.

The last rock with some very pretty lichen growing on it.

According to this book, The Law's Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada, that I gave myself for Christmas, lichens are indicators of air quality and their diversity and abundance are being monitored to help assess the impact of smog on Sierra ecosystems. According to our local naturalist, this is the book that has the information that best matches the flora and fauna of the Tehachapis. I have a lot to learn…..


  1. Looks like you had an enjoyable walk. Think I'll take one.

  2. Hi Inger - what a beautiful walk, love the rocks and the colors of the lichens etc. Not sure about those stripes, different eras or mud slides maybe, thousands of years ago and compressed. They are quite interesting, I would love if I could come and look at them first hand!

    What kind of photo program do you have? I resize and turn my photos, before I send them to blogger. My program lets me right click and resize, rotate and make copies of what ever picture I want.

  3. Those lichens are gorgeous! So many beautiful colors. We have nothing like that here. All of our lichens seem to be some shade of green. I really enjoyed taking that walk with you. Thanks for taking us along.

  4. Beautiful rocks! Wonderful to live in such a beautiful canyon where even the rocks have color and character like that! The big rock photo (posted just before you show Angel) looks a bit like Shamu, the whale. :)

    Thanks for the lovely walk! We have spring fever here too as the sun is shining, it must be 60 degrees here, and the birds are singing like crazy!

  5. Hi, Inger! Loved our walk, all those beautiful rocs (did you know I collect rocks from places I've visited? Others look at the collection and shrug, but each one is a friend to me.) We took the hydrofoil from Helsinks to Estonia and enjoyed a fabulous day. Tallin's old city is incredible. Returned severl years later and felt the enchantment even more.

    Please, what is the name of the book you read about Kenya? We lived there for three years (actually, before I signed on to my blog my former neighbor and I exchanged e-mails.)

    Gosh but you've got the most interesting blog. Looove to come here! (And, yes, after the holidays I archived back and read those Christmas posts while on the road. Have you thought about putting these posts into a holiday book?)

  6. I'm so envious, Inger. It was nice here today, but far too muddy and wet for a walk.

    How nice of your friends to send you that book. I hope that you enjoy it. :)

  7. I went for a walk with you and Angel, through the beautiful pictures that you posted. How interesting those rocks with the stripes, and the different colors that different lichens have.

    The cactus is wonderful! I would love to be able to plant some diffent ones out in our property, but I have no idea whether they would live here.

    It is very good to know that you have a bunch of good books to enjoy!

    Wish you all the best!

  8. Christine: I hope you took a nice walk. It makes you feel so good afterwards.

    Sharon: I sort of posted the rocks for you. I now you like them. The photos are OK in my program, but got turned around in Blogger. I have to be careful not to take them from straight above. Then they work. I have Canon and some other photo programs too.

    Louise: thank for that information. I didn't know the colors were different where you are.

    texwixgirl: I thought that the rocks looked like a whale first thought when I saw the photo.

    Kittie: I used to collect rocks too and they remind me of where I have been. A Guide to the Birds of East Africa, by Nicholas Drayson. I will review it in a couple of weeks on my Wednesday's Books. No, I never thought to put the posts in a holiday book. I should look into blog2print or whatever it is called. I am glad you enjoyed the posts and thank you for inspiring me.

    Nancy: We have had so much mud here this winter, it is a joy to be out and about again.

  9. the layered rocks are sedimentary, but beyond that I cannot help

    Oh how I wish I could visit for the bloom season

  10. Beautiful photos Inger, I love the rocks.

  11. Inger, what program do you use for your photos? I re-size and can turn the photo, save it, then add it to blogger. And, did you say you use Word? Have you ever thought of simply using Blogger to create the post? You can save & edit them, schedule them, etc...:)JP

  12. Hi Inger, I’ve been swamped with work lately and playing catch up. The rocks are beautiful. I’ve never seen the yellows and orange on them like that. Beautiful. Love the cactus too. You and Angel had a beautiful walk. Isn’t it wonderful how great friends are--they are so supportive. You are a wonderful lady and everyone feels and knows that--you are loved :)

  13. I'm so glad you are feeling good, Inger. I enjoyed your walk, and I love that cactus. We have prickly pear, but nothing like your pretty cactus.

  14. The lichen is so colorful. So nice to see some clear skies and sun in your pictures. I hope we will get some of that soon!

  15. ooooh, i'm interested in the book from kenya or about kenya as kenya is one of my fav places. in fact, i've got several new posts up on my blog about my recent travels there. check them out if you can.

  16. Hello,, I came over from Home in the Hollow..Angel is the most beautiful German Shepherd? I really a German for my next dog but hubby says too bid...we shall forward to reading your previous and future posts...all the way from Sweeden to LA..that should be a good story..

  17. great rocks...glad you had a good day...

  18. there's something for you on my most recent blog post... :)

  19. A very warm and inviting walk out into the desert. I love books as well, but of late I have been too busy to read many. Hugs, Inger.

  20. Oh what a wonderful walk!!!! Thank you for taking us:) It was nice to see ground without white cover:)

  21. I love going on walks with you Inger and Angel! Interesting about the lichen, we have lots of it around here too.
    The rock photos are lovely with all that colour. And the always imagines it growing only in very warm climates all the time.
    Like this post a lot.

  22. Thank you so much for your comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed my walk with Angel. Today, I took Soldier up another hill with a totally different view. I have set some goals for myself to climb to different bushes on that hill as I get in better shape, so more about that later. I've decided to enjoy this January spring weather and stop wishing for snow.


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