Friday, January 7, 2011

Tule Fog, Doctor's Visits, and a Muddy Mess

On Wednesday, I drove down the mountain to see a nutritionist to find out how I can regain 20 pounds without doing damage to my diabetes control. And I also had an appointment with my diabetes doctor. As I approached the San Joaquin Valley below, I saw the roof of the infamous tule fog covering the valley. My friend Carol, who lives in the valley, has told me about this fog and how they have to plan morning trips around it. I thought, OK, another challenge for me. After my car accident, I've driven through rain, sleet, snow, on ice, and in the worst muddy mess locals here have ever seen. So what's a little fog? When I came home I read about the fog online. Wikipedia said that tule fog is a thick ground fog that forms in the Central Valleys of California during the late fall and winter after the first significant rainfall. It also said that accidents caused by the tule fog are the leading cause of weather–related casualties in California. Well, good I was safely home while reading that part.

Driving through it went well, but slowed me down so I was late for both my appointments. I liked the nutritionist and will go back next month. To begin getting better, I need to walk a lot and eat more protein. I'm not doing well with my diabetes either, I found out, so that's another motivation to start moving. 

Yesterday the morning was bleak and uninspiring, but I took the dogs out and walked around the hills for half and hour.

In the afternoon, I took Angel and went to get the mail. The weather was a bit nicer and warmer. I took this picture of the green grass that has sprung up after all the rains.

There is still some snow in the mountains. The patches of snow on the ground reminded me of my dog, Princess, who died last year. She loved the snow so much that when it melted she and I would go and look for patches for her to play and burrow in.

Thinking of Princess made me sad, but I still have my Angel, who turns around and seems to ask me what in the world have I gotten her into here. Do I really have to walk in this mess, Mom?

Angel, we're on a mission here to get the mail, so let's just move and pretend this is a lot of fun. Angel is thinking she may have a second opinion about the fun part. This is where our road meets our neighbor's and where it turns into the shared road. The worst mess always happens here, but I have never seen it this bad. The mailboxes are at the end of this road by the hills.

Water still flows in the creek, but less of it and at a much slower pace than right after the rains.

Here we are on the way home, feet and paws sinking in the mud. All in all, I walked for 55 minutes yesterday. I also did my range of motion exercises and felt, shall we say, PROUD. But one day doesn’t mean much, so I have to keep this up. 


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