Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Samson Answers Your Comments and Helps Mommy Blog

Samson Says:

Hello again everyone. I have to help Mommy blog so you all know we're OK here in the canyon. Mommy has been very busy, so I'm helping out. First, I want to welcome two new followers to our blog: gowestferalwoman and Christine Clayton. Thank you for signing up to follow our blog.

I don't have anything much to blog about, but I think it would be polite to answer your comments from the other day. Thanks to all of you who said I was cute, beautiful, and pretty, but no thanks to the lady who said I was a stinker! But the most thanks go to Sophie, Louise and Terry: You all mentioned TREATS! Yeah! I made sure Mommy read your comments. I might just behave a bit better if she promises me some TREATS when she's done.

But I'm not sure if I liked all the comments about what Mommy could do with my hair. Bad enough I lost all that hair, but to make stuff of it….  Hmmm, should I be proud of that? Will there be TREATS involved? Will I be famous? A scarf, a purse, another dog!! Another me!! Hmmm, I don't think so. But look what you missed:

I'd be a perfect pillow!! 

And as far as guarding goes….  See, I live with two of these (that would be one German shepherd and one German shepherd cross), so I don't have to do too much guarding. Let me tell you, those two bark their heads off for the smallest reason: Like the cows next door, a tractor driving by, a jet plane in the sky, the UPS guy, and on and on. Here they are barking at the thunder…can you believe it? What good will that do? I ask you.

As for me, I'm a bit more mellow, but I sit here and guard with the best of them. And guess what? Twice, I've been the one to alert them and Mommy when the bobcat strolled by in our yard. Looking like he owned the place! Who cares about the UPS guy when you can bark at a big old cat? Trespassing!

And here I am, howling at the coyotes -- those German shepherd dogs don't know how to do this. All they know is bark, bark, bark!

But, you're right, this is my true personality, a sweet and smiley dog. Have a nice day everyone!

P. S. Mommy says, she'll skip Wednesday's Book tomorrow, but will be back to blogging in a day or two. And she says she'll check out all the latest on your blogs too. Bye, bye!

Posted by Samson the Samoyed Pup.


  1. Samson I love your smile. And, you look like quite the howler!

  2. Hi Samson!

    So, besides being a good watchdog, you are Mommy's stand-in while she is busy doing something else! Good Job!

  3. actually that next to last photo caption is really

    Insert treats here.

  4. Ooo, I like the picture of you howling! Maybe you're a rare white Siberian wolf!

  5. You are a sweet and good boy, and you will protect your Mommy from that wicked old bobcat! She's very lucky to have you, and Angel and Soldier, too! Together, the three of you make an awesome team.

  6. Samson Says:

    farmchick, Sharon and Louise: Thank you for your compliments.

    Upupaepops: Oh, why didn't I think of that!!

    Terry: I bet I'm not too far removed from that old wolf.

  7. Hey! I said you were a stinker and I'm stickin' to my story! :) But you're awfully cute too... :)

  8. Samson Says:

    texwisgirl: OK, OK, I guess I was a little bit of a stinker. So we're still friends, right?

  9. I had a Beagle once that use to bark just like those German Shepherd pals of yours. Drove me crazy.

  10. Samson, You are so lucky to have all that help in guarding the house. I have to guard my house all by myself. Great that you can howl! I can too... but don't do it too often. Hey, who does your hair? It's so fluffy and white and pretty. Mine is very course and can be hard to comb out. Have fun Samson> And get back to guarding the house... Gracie.

  11. Such a cute dog (they all are)!! Your making me want more pups in my house!

  12. thanks for keeping in touch, samson! tell mom i hope she is a "good busy" and isn't too overworked!

  13. Inger, Samson....Inger...S.....
    I can tell from the dogs faces that they are in a very 'good place' with you Inger. They must be very good company....they look so peaceful yet ready and alert to warn you of 'things' like the UPS guy or that Bobcat!
    Hope things are going well for you and 'see' you soon.

  14. You are livin' the life, my friend, Samson. Aah! Let me see..I think I'll go stare out the window...no...I'll curl up for awhile...no...I'll play coy...that's a good one! This is your multiple mantra...RIGHT! Love Sophie Wophie!

  15. Fantastic Samson, I laughed out loud, really!

  16. Samson you crack me up! So, when you howl along with the coyotes, do they answer back? And what do they say?

  17. Sampson, it was so good to hear from you! Between you and I, I think you are Mommy's favorite!!! You can come to the Hollow and visit Moon...I'd bet the two of you would be a great couple!!!...:)JP

  18. Samson, you are precious. I think the pillow idea is definitely one for you :) I would snuggle you!

  19. Sweet Sam, you are just TOO cute!


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