Friday, January 21, 2011

Samson Posts a Photo Essay

This was going to be a silent post, but then I got so many nice comments and well-wishes for me and my husband that I just simply had to thank you all so much. I love your comments -- they mean so much to me and will continue to be a meaningful part of my life even with hubby here to keep me company. He may actually be in Los Angeles on and off working, because that's where his contacts are, but he will for sure be here a lot more than in the past. 

Then I want to welcome three new followers to my blog: Negerigeletschtempoit, Changes in the Wind, and Nordis. I'm looking forward to getting to know you through your blogs.  

Finally, if you don't see my comments on your blogs for the next few days, you know I am busy trying to find room in this little house for all this stuff that I expect will show up tomorrow.


Samson Says:

Posted by Samson the Samoyed Pup


  1. Have fun trying to fit it all in!!! xxx

  2. Samson's sharing just like you're going to have to! Ha! I love the photos of them touching paws!!! So sweet!

    Good luck with the moving van full 'o stuff!!!

  3. I always enjoy seeing what the dogs are doing... they are so cute. I don't have any cuties, so I enjoy seeing yours.

  4. Samson says "Come on, let me chew a while".
    "Please?" "how about it, pal, old buddy of mine?"
    Soldier says "Oh, go ahead, quit bugging me kid!"
    Samson says "Oh goody, I got it now! It's the squeaky wheel that gets greased!"

    Don't over do, Inger! See Ya Later!

  5. Love the pics of Samson.
    Have to samy fav pic is the one of Soldier in your previous post. The look he has o his face is priceless! Love it!
    Congrats on renting the house. Wishing you renters who are respectful.
    And with hubby being home more, I can only imagine all the wonderful food he is going to be cooking!

  6. Tracey: I am having fun and making some progress in preparation.

    texwisgirl: Sharing will be fine.

    Barbee: It's a good way to enjoy them. My house is now full of white fluffy balls of fur.

    Sharon: I don't think I can overdo anything any longer. I just get soo tired, so easily.

    AJ-Oaks: I have that picture in my bedroom, I think with feet and pedals edited out. It is such a lovely face. I'm glad you like it.

  7. Hee hee. Samson wins again!

    I'm sitting here waiting for my hubby to get home. It's been quiet all week without him. :)

  8. Loved the pictures thanks for sharing ~ Ally x

  9. Inger, just take your time. It will all work out and don't overdo it with your back!!!!...:)JP

  10. I know you will having your hubby home more and I can tell you can't wait. Love your dogs.

  11. Samson sure knows how to get what he wants. Good thing that Soldier is such a gentleman and lets the kid have it.

    Inger, please make sure you take good care of yourself during this move. It will all work out, in time, and a messy house for a while isn't the worst thing you could have.

  12. It's so nice Soldier and Samson share with no fighting.

  13. Inger, take it easy this weekend. Moving is always hard work but you have time :-) Enjoy. p.s. the dog photos are cute, esp. the one where they are touching paws.

  14. Inger,
    Samson is so full of personality. He is a real character isn't he!
    I hope you have a 'fun' weekend finding spots for all that moving into a new place!

  15. Thank you for the warm welcome. The new friends I have been making through the blogland are precious to me.

    Although moving is a messy time, it is also fun. The excitement of days to come and shared times - it is great! That's what I wish you, from the heart.

    Your babies are so precious!

  16. I’m so glad he’s going to be home with you. I know that has to be a very good thing. I’m sure you will find room for all the stuff and Samson will be happy to have daddy home ;)

  17. Not every two doggies would have got a long in that situation! Samson must be very patient.

  18. sharing is grand...with furbabies...and our loved ones...

  19. Samson Says--so cute. I love the pics of the doggies. They are so sweet. I know you are working very hard preparing. Hang in there lady. I know it’s exciting too!

  20. The part when they hold hands is so sweet.

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  21. just had my morning laugh, priceless photos


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