Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Week That Was

Do you see the guilty party in the background? The empty file folders he's busy investigating are evidence of how I spent some of my time this past week. I like getting organized, but I'm amazed at how much time it takes, and how much paper we are being inundated with. 

I'm notoriously bad at exercising and now I must. MUST! So I'm working on getting on a schedule of doing my range of motion exercises every morning. I figure if I do them first thing, they'll be done and over with and I don't have to go around feeling GUILTY for not having done them for the rest of the day. There's FREEDOM in that. Not perfect yet, but at least I'm working on it.

And then I look out the window and see a hint of the sun rising above the eastern mountain range, coloring the sky pink, and I think: Camera – Pictures – Blog! So a distraction. As is the blog…..

I'm also working on bringing wood down from the wood pile to the house to dry out. I actually use the Jeep for this short trip, but I still have to load, unload and carry into the house, so I figure this must help build up strength in my arm. In a much more fun way than exercising it.

I managed to get about eight of these logs down to the house plus a lot of construction wood that I'm saving for the cold weather. And where is the cold weather? It briefly comes at night and then disappears with the sun, just like the giants and trolls of my childhood Sweden.

I've seen the chiropractor regularly and the treatments are working. I'm feeling so much better and hope to be done there soon.

And I have walked with my dogs. Not as far as before, but I'm starting to get on a good schedule with them. And later today, after I take the trash to the dump, I plan to tackle this mess:

Someday, you may see a picture of Samson, cleaned, trimmed, and brushed out

And here the sun clears the ridge at 7:40 a.m. on January 15. It will be a sunny, beautiful, and relatively warm day here in the canyon.  
So that's my week that was. A very good one, yes. 


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