Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lots of Stuff Arrived - A Move Update

Part one of my husband's move is over. It took my husband, his brother and nephew most of Saturday to load the truck. They arrived late, around 5:00 p.m. 

Those of you who have read my blog for a while know I don't cook much because my husband both loves to cook and is a fabulous cook. But I had to feed these hardworking guys so I baked a chicken stuffed with garlic, onions, and rosemary from our garden that I served with brown rice and a salad mixture of baby spinach and romaine lettuce. A great combination, as it turned out. Well, the chicken came out so good that my husband said it tasted better than the last 30 chickens he cooked, which was best compliment for me and signaled the return of my cooking confidence.

I was happy to see the big truck.

All the old computers, TVs, and things like that were put in one shed to be sorted out and dumped later. I hope! I like this old washing machine. It sat in our Los Angeles garden for the longest time without ever being cleaned up. We'll see if it becomes a project here -- or not 

I was surprised to see how many fishing rods we own. We used to have a sailboat and we went fishing in the Pacific ocean a lot in the old days. I will never forget those barracudas! My father-in-law used to take his sons fishing all over the place when they were growing up. There is a lake in this area and we are not far from Lake Isabella, but they are probably crowded with people. It would be fun to find a little mountain lake with few people around and try our luck at trout fishing again. 

The unloading took all day Sunday. My niece came with them from town and kept me company while the guys worked. It was a lot of work that needed to get done in a very short time. 

We were all tired by the time they got to the big things that went in the house, so tempers flared a bit, no pictures were taken, but it all worked out in the end. We ended the day with a delicious fish dinner, cooked by my hubby, with some of my now famous chicken added, a big fire in the fire place, some wine and relaxation. I now have my big refrigerator and a separate freezer in my tiny kitchen. There's a different TV in the living room and a beautiful huge 1930s-40s style dresser in the bedroom. This entire room where I sit at my computer, and where the office files and guest bed are located, is full of stuff – some of it will need a home, some will burn in the fireplace, and some will go to the dump. Good thing I like big projects!

The guys went back to Los Angeles yesterday. I'm really happy it went so well and that the weather was perfect: Sunshine, but neither hot nor cold! A few weeks ago that truck wouldn't have made it up our road because of the all the water and mud from the rains we had earlier.


  1. You have a lot of work ahead of you. But, it will be happy work, settling in for the beginning of your new life. I never knew that you liked to fish. You're more of an outdoorswoman than you think!

  2. Hurray! One load of stuff successfully hauled and unloaded! I can only imagine how crowded your house and sheds will get with a second household of stuff to be added in. :)

    The chicken and rice sounds YUMMY!

  3. Oooooh how exciting! Just think, it will be like Christmas going through everything.
    I LOVE that old washing machine. That is quite a piece of history you have there.
    Um, would you mind sharing your chicken recipe? Pretty please! :)
    And do we get to see a pic of the dresser? I hope so.
    Have fun. Don't wear your self out by doing too much.
    Love ya xoxo

  4. lots of changing going on at your place...sounds like good food also...

  5. That made me tired! I hate moving, but it's a lot better than leaving it behind! LOL! Glad you are cooking again and it got a thumbs up. My cooking leaves a lot to be desired.

    It was really great that the weather was good, it can be so iffy, this time of year!

    I know it may feel a bit crowded for a while, but you'll get it all sorted out. Have a good day!


  6. So glad to hear the first part of your husband's move went OK! I agree with the fishing,it sounds fun,watch out for the bears and cougars and things though! Can you tell I have just watched National Geographic on TV!

  7. Sounds like the move went well! Moving is stressful but fun. Glad to hear your chicken turned out great too. It sounds delicious!!

  8. Hi my name is ibifiri I love your blog. I didn't know anybody could be a diabetes educator. My dad has diabetes and it would have been good to have someone like that in my country. My blog www.secretlilies.blogspot.com..i hope you will stop by and become a follower.

  9. Inger,
    I'm so glad the move is done and it went well...one of the parts about moving though is finding space for everything and organizing the stuff! Sometimes fun,others, not so fun!
    Take your time and good for you for cooking a great chicken!

  10. Louise: I like to fish, but don't like to catch anything. Go figure!

    texwisgirl: I'm glad the worst is over. It will take time to get organized and I feel I have until the summer heat hits.

    AJ-Oaks: Yes, I will share and yes I will take a picture later. This move was nothing like yours, but I'm still glad it's over.

    Deb: You have no idea how glad I am that the chicken came out so good.

    Sharon: Yes, thank you I am having a good day!

    Ally: Thanks!

    Liesl: Yes, we have both, but they are rare. Cougars usually at higher altitudes where the deer are. I have had bears in my back yard, but only seen the tracks, not the bears.

    Roundabout: Thank you!

    Ibifiri: Thank you and I will definitely visit your blog.

    Tracy: My husband did a great job organizing that big load of mostly small stuff. I'm good at it too, so hopefully we will get it together here.

  11. So glad the move went smoothly. Looking forward to part 2.

  12. So glad that the move went well. Moving is very stressful for anyone. We've done it a few times. Keep us posted.

  13. Hi Inger, I read your post and wondered what was happening. I thought you moved. So I went back and read another post and I think I understand now. The dinner you cooked for the hard working guys sounded just wonderful. I'm sure that made all that hard work worth their while.

  14. Change, whether good or bad, always makes the heart beat a little faster. It's always fun to welcome back old treasures like washing machines and fishing rods. :)

  15. The chicken sounds lovely. You've got such a lot done already...rest up before the next load! xxx

  16. Glad that things are getting settled and I love that old washing machine!

  17. Glad that you have some of your household treasures back with you. It took us a long time to move and I forgot what it was like to have some of my furniture.
    I think the washing machine would make a fun planter in the garden...or maybe on a porch!
    The chicken sounds wonderful.

  18. I'm glad to hear that the first part of the moving went well! Moving may be stressful but, at the end, everything will be so much better.

    Congratulations on the special chicken!

  19. I can load up boxes and move them, no problem. But then it takes me forever to unpack them! lol

  20. boy, i leave for a while and i sure am behind! so, sounds like hubby is coming home! glad to hear and look forward to part 2.

  21. I think my favorite line here is that your "cooking confidence" has returned! Your description of your chicken made my mouth water!
    What a crazy-busy weekend. I can imagine you're feeling more than a little overwhelmed right now with all the STUFF everywhwere. You've been in control of your own space for a while now and suddenly there are all these THINGS everywhere that aren't in a place where they belong. It IS a good thing you like projects! :-) Sending you lots of energy and good cheer to bring your place back into order.

  22. Thank you all for your comments. While I cook for myself, of course, and like to experiment, cooking for my husband and his family is something else again. They all have that New Orleans flair for good food, so I'm happy they all liked the chicken.

  23. You better be careful doing that good cooking or you'll lose your cook. I'd dumb it out for awhile... tee hee Good pictures!!!
    Love and peace...

  24. Now that's a big relief for you to have that done and over with. And it created a few 'projects' for you.....for the spring. That chicken sounded delicious Inger....you better watch out, you may become the 'official' cook if you are not careful! lol


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