Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today and a Big Change is Gonna Come Saturday -- Hopefully!

I wasn't going to write anything this morning, but I woke up early and am feeling great, so here it goes:

This morning I'm going to a meeting of the Diabetes Support Group in town. It's run on a volunteer basis by a woman named Eve. Eve is my age, she is a brilliant woman who used to own a pharmacy in town. Then she decided to become a diabetes educator and after that a writer of mystery novels. As a diabetes educator, she travels all over the county, teaching people with type 1 diabetes, like me, how to use an insulin pump. She also travels all over the country to attend the various medical meetings related to diabetes. The meetings are either scientific and from those she brings us the latest news in diabetes research. Or the meetings cover all the latest supplies and gadgets to help us manage our disease, in which case she returns to our small town with a ton of information and all the latest news. She frequently invites guest speakers to our meetings, always interesting people that you will learn from. So the meetings are mostly informative, not so much a place where we talk about our problems with diabetes management, although we always get some of that in as well.  The group meetings, thanks to Eve's efforts, are remarkable. We live in a small town here -- I went to meetings like this at UCLA and they were nowhere close to being this good. I have missed so many meetings this year that I'm really looking forward to going today. I'll take my camera and see if I can come up with a blog post about it.

I'm sharing some photos of Soldier as I write this post. I feel he has been a bit overshadowed by the cuteness and blogging capabilities of Samson and the wisdom of my Angel lately. I wrote post about him here, so he has been featured before.

This is my favorite photo of Soldier. I think I have it edited somewhere with feet and organ pedals removed.

Soldier dancing for his supper.

Best friends.

Busted on the couch. Does he look guilty or what?

No one sleeps like Soldier.

He is my 77 lb lapdog and my snuggle bunches. When I kiss his ears, he burps with pleasure. What a funny dog he is.

My dentist is still sick, so today's appointment was rescheduled for next Thursday. I will skip visiting my niece today and maybe go over there on Monday, after my chiropractor appointment. You see, I have gotten very busy here at home, because on Saturday -- if all goes as planned -- my husband is coming up, with a bunch of guys to help, and a U-haul truck full of appliances and furniture from our Los Angeles house that has finally been rented. It took my husband so long to decide to rent it, but now the decision has been made, tenants have been found, and it is time to jump out into a new kind of life. I have no idea what will happen. My husband is younger than I by more than six years, so he's not eligible for full social security for another year and a half. He definitely wants to work, but all his work contacts are in Los Angeles, so we will see what happens. Maybe we can find a new way to make some money. We are a perfect team really: He is the entrepreneur and I am the background person with accounting and writing skills. You know I'll keep you updated on this exciting time in my life.


  1. Uh oh. The man is coming home full-time! I see lots more walks for you and the pups just to get some "space". :) Ha! I hope it is a great move for him (and you). I can only imagine living in 2 places has been tough, and I hope he can figure out his work situation.

    Soldier is a love! He's beautiful! I'd snuggle up with him on the couch any time.

  2. Soldier...finally..some more recognition...cutikins. Now with Papa coming home you'll get more if you needed any more. Good luck with the months to come with you all!

  3. Eve sounds like a wonderful person to have aroung you ~ and I love the pictures of Soldier he is so adorable ~ Ally x

  4. Glad you are getting out and about more! Enjoy your meeting!

    Soldier is an old sweetie, my, he sure takes up a lot of room! No wonder you fell over him! He sure takes up a lot of room on that sofa!

    With your DH coming up there to be with you, it's going to be a little odd for a while. Cramped too, if he brings all that stuff along, LOL, Been there!

  5. Wow, lots of things going on in your life. It's great that you have found such an amazing group of support and Eve sounds wonderful.
    Soldier...omg how cute is he. I never had a dog, but I certainly love their loyalty and ability to love unconditionally like most animals. Don't you just hate when stupid little things are in a picture lol I always have my feet in or something else stupid like the vacuum cleaner that never gets put away. lol...So annoying and sometimes so ruins a good picture.

  6. go soldier..what a cutie pie...our schnauzer Nolan is diabetic...hubby has to give him a shot twice a day...he is a real trouper with it...that is good you have a place to go for support...

  7. Soldier is beautiful. His eyes are so deep and kind. I'm glad to learn more about him.

    Those diabetes meetings sound interesting. I'll have to do some research and find out what the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes is.

    I have been worried, because I am so overweight, that I might have developed the disease (haven't had blood testing done in way too long.) But, I had the blood work done a couple of weeks ago and, at my physical today, the news was good -- sugar and cholesterol are all good. Plus, between when I went in December and now, I lost 6 pounds! Yay me!

    Your husband's move to the desert permanently is exciting. It is going to be a time of change for you, and change, while it can be stressful, can also be a time when everything around seems newer and brighter. I will be interested to see, as time goes by, how it works out.

  8. WOW! Inger, so much good news in your life...the meeting, your husband coming home and finally and of course, my favorite...Soldier. He looks like a larger version of Copper!...:)JP

  9. Inger, I can 'feel' your excitement from here! How exciting for you......a new chapter ahead. That must make you feel so good.
    Very fortunate to have Eve in your town.....sounds like the 'resource' to have!

  10. texwisgirl: Soldier is my only cuddly dog. And he would love to cuddle with you. He loves women and hates men. He will bite them. According to previous owner, my husband is the only man he ever trusted. You wonder what happened to Soldier in the past.

    Sophie: Yes, I hope papa will take care of his Samson so I can spend more time with Soldier.

    Ally: Yes, Eve is so great.

    Sharon: Soldier does not move out of the way, Angel always gets up and moves if she knows you are coming. You remembered he was the one I fell over. That's good, Sharon. It's going to be cramped here for a while and my husband is a packrat, sort of reformed, but still. I'll let you know how it will all work out.

    Tina: Lots of exciting things going on. I'm glad you like my Soldier. He is really a very sweet dog.

    Deb: I'm sorry to hear that about you dog. It's great that he lets your husband treat him though.

    Roundabout: Thank you, I love the old boy.

    Louise: Yeah, you!! Great for you. I would imagine that with all the walking you do, the pounds should come off. I'm so happy that you are working on taking care of yourself. And you are an inspiration to me to get up and move.

    JP: I have to include Soldier more often. I'm glad you like him.

    Jim: Yes, I am happy about my hubby coming out here. And I know how fortunately we are in this town to have someone like Eve.

  11. Oh, I'm so happy for you, Inger. That is good news and that an exciting new venture might be coming your way is definitely something to look forward to.

    Soldier is a big 'ol love. :)

  12. I feel your happiness, lovely news. I love the sleeping Soldier photo! xxx

  13. Hey Inger!! I'm also happy for you!! It's great that you're ending your week with good news and so much to look forward too--Now take a break with Soldier on the sofa---Is there room for you too? :-)))

  14. OOOHHH Excitement. Don't you love it. Your dogs are such loves. Big bundles of loves! Eve sounds like a gal of varied interests. And a mystery writer, too.
    Have your exciting week end. xo xo xo

  15. Oh Inger, it sounds like things are really coming together for you. Very exciting. Soldier is a doll.

  16. I'm so glad you were able to get to your diabetes support group. I'm sure you were looking forward to it after missing it for so long. I have type 2 diabetes and I'm finding I enjoy the group so much that I look forward to going every 3rd month. It is run by my doctor and the clinic where she works. I also loved your favourite photo of soldier. He looks so handsome in that top photo. I'm happy to hear too that your husband is moving home. I'm sure he is going to love it and that you will both find a way to make ends meet. After all, a year and half is not so far away for him to get his pension. Best wishes on a smooth move.

  17. I know you are happy that hubby is coming home to stay,those long distance situations are never easy. Cules is also six years younger than me! Soldier will be so glad his dad is home!

  18. ps... to answer your question, I've got four of those little hobbits running around my house!

  19. I think all your dogs are lovely and its great fun reading about them and getting to know their individual personality's.

  20. I hope all works out well Inger. I am positive that good things are in store for you and your husband!!

  21. Oh, now, this news makes me happy. I've always worried about you there by yourself and I know how isolated and lonely you've felt at times. Now you'll have your friend and love with you again. This is an exciting time and it will be interesting to hear the new endeavors the two of you will embark upon together.

  22. I agree with Farmgirl_dk... I will worry a lot less about you now the your Hubby is there with you... I know you've had years together and know you will make this new adventure work too. Looking forward to your updates.


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