Monday, January 17, 2011

More About Nils and My Day So Far

I was really happy about your interest in Nils, the small boy who traveled across Sweden with the migrating geese in Selma Lagerlof's great book. If you decide to get the book, please get this version, which includes part two that takes Nils back home to the south of Sweden:

You can read a good review of the book by an customer here.

This morning, the weather was incredible and I just had to get out and walk. I took the dogs and with camera in hand tried to take a couple of new photos of the canyon:

This is the road to the barn and some of the ever present juniper trees.

One reason Angel is on a leash is this….sniffing, not moving for the longest time. Angel says: "Just reading my morning newspaper, Mom."

I love these old fence posts. One of our property markers is located at the top of that hill.

I'm resting, Angel reads a new paragraph.

The rock formation on top of the hill looks like the wall of an ancient city. Actually, many of the formations on top of hills here in the canyon look like fortresses. At least to me.

Mommy:  "Lots of news in this morning's paper, eh, Angel? Are we going to stand here for a long time? You know I just read that people who walk the fastest live the longest. This dawdling does not speak well for Mommy."

Another part of our property. More rocks and a gully that you can't really see here. But I'll go back and explore some more. I've wanted to do a post featuring rocks in the canyon for so long and I never got to it. Maybe now I will. Sorry about the upside down picture below, but you can imagine it.....

Mommy: "OK, are we at the funnies now? Or politics, maybe? I saw how you read, scratched a hole, peed in the hole, and then read some more. I guess you just voiced your opinion? And I sure hope you are well informed by now."  Angel: "Yes, Mommy, I know who was here last night, who they met, what they did and I bet you have NO idea." Mommy: "Hmmm, I guess I get your point."

Back home, I took all the wood in from the porch where I left it to dry after all the rains we had. I left the large logs out there because my husband will soon be back and he can bring them in. This is just the construction leftovers, apple wood from my BIL's garden, and some starter wood I picked up out in the canyon. Of course, Samson is the reason everything is up high and the end tables are covering the bookcases (he loves to eat books). And I'll cover the wood on the table with a towel so he won't drag it all around when I'm not around.

Then I started my spring cleaning with the smallest space around here, Pippi's birdcage. I think he's happy now, being the first one with a clean house and all.

While the pictures uploaded, I tried my hand at baking a new bread. From a recipe I never tried before, so we'll see how it comes out. 

Thanks for visiting and have a nice rest of the day everyone.


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