Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Morning Reflections and a Good Book

Sunday's Quote: "If you have learned anything at all from us, Thumbietot, you no longer think that the humans should have the whole earth to themselves," said the wild goose, solemnly.

The wild goose is Akka, the leader of the wild geese that Nils Holgerson flew with to the north of Sweden in Selma Lagerlof's book: The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. A mean- spirited boy, Nils was turned into a very tiny version of himself by the house elf (tomte), and then flew with the wild geese, having many adventures and learning many lessons along the way. By the time he arrived back home, he had learned a lot, most importantly to be kind to all living things. Upon his arrival back home, he was turned back to his normal size.

Selma Lagerlof is one of my most favorite authors and I recently re-read this book. She wrote it as a lesson for children ages 9 and up, but anyone can read it and enjoy it. Selma Lagerlof also kept diaries as a child and as a young woman. I have all of them and they are wonderful. 

Selma Lagerlof was the first woman recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1909.

Have a nice Sunday!


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