Friday, January 28, 2011

New Use For an Old Chest of Drawers -- and Follower Number 100!

A HUGE and warm welcome to Sheryl, follower number 100! Sheryl has an interesting blog that you can check out at: 

I've decided to start linking to the blogs of my new followers as I welcome them. I will post something about this and the importance of providing a link as you sign up to follow a blog soon. 

This little chest was left over after my husband moved his stuff to the larger one he brought up here last weekend. The guys left it in the hall where it was in the way, so I dragged it around the corner and put it in the hall by the front door. I think it's good to have a chest close to the front door and it fit perfectly.

We had a ton of CDs and not quite so many DVDs in boxes that sat by the old TV. I never liked the arrangement, but the house is small and I had nowhere else. So I had an idea: Stick them in the now empty drawers in this chest. And, as you can see, they fit. So I have two drawers of CDs in the front and DVDs in the back. 

Then I put this bowl on top. The red matches other red things I have in our living room. And it also matches the unusual color of our living room walls. 

This mirror hangs on top of the chest of drawers. It's a very special mirror, made by an artist friend. It deserves a tribute of its own in one of my Tuesday's Treasures post and I will tell the story of the mirror there soon.


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