Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Cats

Theme ~ Good Things: 

I once rescued a cat and named her Samantha. She was an adorable tortoise shell kitty with a white chest and green intelligent eyes.

Samantha as a young cat

Samantha lived a peaceful life with us and our two Dobermans for about four years, when one day a small furry gray kitten wandered into the yard. Once she realized she would have to share her supreme position with another cat, Samantha promptly got so stressed she lost most of her fur. For this she was put on steroids and gained a lot of weight. A long time went by before she decided she might as well accept the new cat. Her fur grew back,she lost the weight, and she and Sindbad, the new cat,tolerated each other for the rest of their lives. Samantha lived a long life with Sindbad and the many different dogs we rescued. No one questioned her authority, she was the Queen of all our packs.  

Samantha and Sindbad


I know just about all of you in the U.S. are fed up with this:

But here in the California mountains, we have had no snow this year. So my snow dog, whose breed stems from Siberia, and this old Swede, have been longing. And Mother Nature came up with the perfect April Fool's joke and gave us not one, but two snow storms in a row, April 1st, and April 2nd. We're smiling, my dog and I.


  1. Hej!
    Oj har du fått snö!!! Härliga bilder från er!
    Vi har +10 grader idag med lite sol men nordvind och då är det inte så skönt ute.
    Kram Majsan//

  2. Glad you and Samson are enjoying the snow!

    Samantha was a beauty. I'm always amazed how stressed some cats get about things like new cats or living arrangements. I learned that the hard way when I thought my old cat would like a playmate and brought home Nate. Didn't go well at all to say the least.

  3. Aww! Such a pretty kitty! I'm glad you got some much needed moisture there! If I could I would have shipped all of our snow over to you!

  4. love the cat story, and i like their names to... glad they got along after that first stressful period. so happy for Samson he got a late snow... i know he loves it...

  5. Sweet story about the cats. I just got baby chicks and the cat is really curious, I'm hoping this works out. Good for you if you like the snow.... keep it there, please. We've had enough.

  6. Glad someone likes snow. I'm so done with it here in MN.
    I have a blog recommendation for you. Kim at Life is Good is writing about her Swedish heritage for the A to Z challenge.

    Play off the Page

  7. Oh Inger I am so glad you got the snow we sent you ~ lol

  8. yay for you and samson! :)

    loved your sweet, but stressed cat! glad she settled back down again. poor thing. :)

  9. Happy that Samson got his snow storms! Yes, some cats want the whole domain to themselves -- Gypsy was like that. :-)

  10. Samantha was probably Queen of the human pack, too!!

  11. I am happy with a little snow. Not ice and snow. I am so glad you were able to enjoy it, however. And yes, cats can be overwhelmed, rather easily... Poor thing...


  12. I am glad things worked out for Samantha. I had no idea something like that could stress an animal out so much. I'm glad she got better. They are both very pretty cats.
    Shawn from Laughing at Life 2

  13. Cats are usually happier when they have a companion. Sometimes though, they don't warm up right away when a new cat moves in on their territory.

    I am glad you and Samson enjoyed the snow. We would have too if we hadn't gotten so much.

  14. How pretty your tortoise shell was if a bit neurotic. So glad she finally adjusted.
    I once had a male tortoise shell--yes I know extremely rare as the color is sex linked. I think someone stole him.
    So glad you sneaked Samson in the post.

  15. Oh what a nice kitty Samantha was.

  16. Dear Inger, I like to think of you and Samson smiling with great glee as you step out onto that snow and leave your tracks.

    Samantha is a beauty. In her response to Sindbad, she reminds me of how Dulcy responded to Tybalt when I introduced him into our household. Dulcy didn't lose her fur, but she did retreat to the pantry and stayed there for a year.

    So I'd say that Samantha was the wiser of the two. She took control!!! Peace.

  17. It's nice to see snow appreciated, Inger!

    Hope you made a few snowballs.

  18. Glad you received a bit of snow!

  19. Praise God!! You got some snow!!

    Your cats and dogs have enriched your life.

  20. Looks like fun in that snow!

    And what a lovely story about your cat.

  21. Awe Im so glad she recovered and had a good life. Lovely snow photos,we've had none this year and I've missed it even although everything here grinds to a halt at the smallest flurry.

  22. What another sweet story, Inger! Good morning from Aruba!...:)JP

  23. Hi Inger - that's fantastic .. I hadn't realised you had had snow .. though I know the States has ...

    I'm grateful we didn't have any this year ..well I hope it doesn't come!

    Samson must be in his element .. and wonderful to see you enjoying the Canyon.

    Then those two little souls Samantha and Sinbad .. lovely to see the photos ..

    Cheers Hilary

  24. Glad you got some much needed moisture!!

    And your cat was beautiful - I am more of a dog gal.

  25. It is a thrill to see the snow you enjoyed, Inger. That snow means good things for all of us in California. Every little bit of precipitation helps! And Samantha was a sweet cat. Poor little thing losing all her fur! So glad she made the necessary accommodations to accept there would be others. :-)

  26. Samantha looks beautiful!
    What a lovely story. It's so good to know that she and Sindbad tolerated each other for the rest of their lives.
    Love the pictures too!

  27. First off, your 'header' is stunning!!
    Queen Samantha looked very regal and I am sure from the sounds of things her peons adored her!
    They say if you wish hard enough your dreams will come true! happy you got some precipitation.....finally! Samson must have thought he was dreaming!!


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