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N is for Nature

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Swedes are very closely connected to nature, one reason I'm grateful to have grown up there. We lived in a Stockholm suburb that at the time, 1940s and 50s, was a nature haven. 

The Stockholm archipelago, with its tens of thousands of islands, was our summer playground. Mixed up with visits to different inland farms that rented out summer cottages, all across Sweden. There we swam in cold lakes, explored deep dark forests, and learned about life on a farm. Not always idyllic: I will never forget being traumatized by chickens running around bleeding after their heads were chopped off. On the other hand, I still have wonderful memories of the smell of freshly cut timber and the sweet taste of wild strawberries.

And blueberries, seen in the picture above among mossy granite rocks and old pine tree roots.

Beverly Hills, CA ~ I drove down this street on my way to work for over 30 years. I took this picture on my last day of work at UCLA.

Nature was one reason I liked our life in Los Angeles, a city where most everyone has a house and a garden, where trees line the streets, and ocean and mountains are nearby. 

Nature is very different here in the canyon, a high desert environment that I have had to learn about and get used to. 

A landscape that I have come to love.


  1. Yes, our lives change drastically sometimes, Inger...we are blessed!...:)JP

  2. Hur kom det sig att du hamnade mitt ute i öknen??
    Det är ju speciellt och vackra vyer med.
    Idag har vi vackert väder med sol o avtagande vind. Vovvarna ligger på farstutrappen o njuter. Nu är det påskvecka och stundande helgdagar.
    Kram Majsan//

  3. Your childhood in Sweden sounds so lovely ...I hope to visit there some day.

    I grew up mostly in the suburbs as well ...but my grandparents lived in CA and ran these summer art camps in Arizona - on Mingus Mountain, which is about an hour from Sedona. Not sure if this is near you or not? At any rate, I have lots of lovely memories of summers in nature in CA and AZ.

    P.S.: Tune into Pip and Ruby's blog next week for a very special announcement!

  4. Oh Inger first thing I have to say I truly must have a bit of Swede mixed in with my Irish blood I think because I am the same way with such a profound love of nature.
    Your photos are amazing and California does look like a beautiful mix of nature and city oh it must have been wonderful to work there and live in Sweden but where you live now is gorgeous. HUG B

  5. All the places you have lived are lovely.

    Nature paints a beautiful picture no matter where you live. It is man that disturbs it.

  6. I'm a nature lover too. I'm at my best when I'm on my knees close to the ground that bears so abundantly.
    The places you have lived looks so beautiful. I love a bod of water and I'm glad we live near a river except in the Spring when it floods it's banks.

    One can fine home just about anywhere when one is at peace and you have seemed to have found peace in the desert Canyon.

  7. I love all things nature and your desert landscape is gorgeous to me. i love our tree lined streets to... i grew up out in nature to, no TV no computer, no reason to be inside...

  8. I had a Swedish colleague at the last place I worked and she used to show me photos of the cabin by a wonderful lake that she and her husband were renovating as their summer home. The area looked beautiful all forest and water :)
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  9. I've lived in both, the lush and the desert, and I think I prefer the desert in some ways. The bugs are smaller. ;) Still, I do miss the green when I'm away from it. Then again, I miss the mountains when I'm in the green. Nature is amazing.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  10. your canyon has lovely colors!

    my sis was chased by a headless chicken spurting blood. yup, trauma. :)

  11. Hi Inger ... we lived in rural England - even though we were 30 miles or less from Heathrow - it was only just becoming a commercial airport then!

    I lived in Johannesburg and London and now Eastbourne, but loved my holidays in Cornwall, Sussex, the Lake District and parts of Southern Africa ... and love beautiful scenery - all parts of it ..

    But the lakes of Sweden I'd have loved to have grown up in .. our early days in the Lake District on the lakes were lovely ...

    The desert - I loved .. your photos, and your LA life and thought about the wild strawberries and blueberries .. memories! Cheers Hilary

  12. That last image is a great composition, Inger. The fence gate (?) makes it special.

    I'm not a fan of the desert, but I've come to appreciate its beauty from your photos and your love of the place. I've had sweet wild strawberries before too.

  13. I think you would be happy WHEREVER you are!!

  14. I can remember those chickens running around without heads in my grandmothers backyard.

  15. Your images are gorgeous! I've lived in numerous climates and landscapes, with fond memories of New Mexico and Arizona. It's like another world in the Southwest:)

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  16. Coming from "back East," I have come to love the mountains and the deserts more than I would have imagined I could. Both have their place in my life, but I love seeing the "bones" of the southwest and not the coverings.

  17. I can't get the image of the chickens out of my mind.


  18. Lovely images Inger … the ever changing landscape is one of the great joys of life.

  19. I think every landscape has its own unique beauty if we just look which you obviously have.

  20. What a beautiful and idyllic lake, Inger!
    Looks very nice to go to work driving down on this beautiful street. Gorgeous those trees too!
    Love also the beauty of the canyon and the landscape of the desert.
    Well done the Nature post, Inger.

  21. You are a true 'nature girl', Inger!
    I can see why you have come to love your high desert much open space and freedom to move around. Just beautiful.

    I have never heard a description of LA in these terms. A good perspective to hear.

  22. Sometimes there is a certain smell to the air and Pasadena comes to mind. So lovely there. I do love your desert shots. A lot of times we stayed at my grandparents cabin on the lake, oh, the memories.

  23. So glad to have found you! Your header is beautiful.

  24. You've lived in so many different places and found the beauty in each one. That takes a special person! Love seeing your canyon photos my are an amazing photographer. Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  25. I have been listening to Louis Lamour's THE LONESOME GODS which details the life of a young boy of 6 deserted to die in the desert and grows up in the frontier town of ... Los Angeles. It is fun to listen to how it was when the place was just a few stores and fewer streets.

    No one knew what a giant city it would later become.

  26. Your pictures in the beginning reminded me of Minnesota - where blueberries are abundant in the woods and marshes. No wonder so many Swedes immigrated to Minnesota! Lots of our clients, and our friends! are Andersons, Petersons,Hansons etc.

    actually, theres a lotta of you Swedes there now that i think of it LOL

    Im so happy that no matter where you are, you appreciate what nature gives you - thats a gift you have, you know!


  27. How lovely to open your back door and see for miles. I see the house across the street.

  28. I love the way you notice beauty wherever you go. Some people drive through Los Angeles and only see concrete and traffic. There is beauty all around--you just have to focus, and you paid attention. The canyon is gorgeous in a totally different way. I love deserts for the same reason. If you have eyes to see nature, the beauty is everywhere. I'm sure Sweden was and is a beautiful country. You have experienced several very different natural landscapes over your lifetime. How nice!


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