Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Photography ~ Princess 2006

Theme ~ Good Things:

My husband took these pictures of our Princess in 2006. Princess died in 2010. Pictures like these, to remember someone by, are the reason I chose Photography as a very Good Thing for the letter P.

In these photos, Princess is high above my husband at the top of a rocky cliff that would be a waterfall if we had any water. He's at the bottom. In the third picture she gets it that she won't be able to climb down. So she sits. And then adjusts to the situation. 


P.S. ~ Thank you so much for your comments yesterday. I was a bit worried about the post, hoping that I said what I felt clearly and was not offending someone who was old and ill or a caregiver. It is a sensitive subject, and even though I'm not 100% well, I am still so much better off than so many others. I am very much aware of that.

Yesterday, I left here before 9:00 in the morning and came back after 1:00 p.m.. I went to the diabetes support group, doctor, bank, K-Mart, two grocery stores (a less expensive store has recently opened and who doesn't want to save money, but of course they don't have everything, hence two stores), and the pharmacy, twice (drop-off and pickup). I hope I conveyed here how very old and tired I felt when I got back home. Which is the reason I didn't comment on anyone's posts. I will catch up today and over the weekend for sure.


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