Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Husband

Theme ~ Good Things:

I would like to dedicate the letter H to my husband, but he does not want to be written about nor have his picture on the internet. So I will leave out the details here.

We were neighbors and good friends long before we became closer. 

Once my husband crawled into a burning house and rescued two old men, one of whom died. The L.A.Times sent a reporter to the scene, but when she learned that he rescued two old drunks, she made a snotty remark and left. Fortunately, since then he has only rescued dogs and cats. 

My husband is a master carpenter who had a construction company with his brother. He knows every building trade and can design and build a house from scratch. 

We have been through some tragedies and come out the other side, together. A very good thing. And I am blessed as he, coming from a New Orleans Creole culture, cooks the best food in the world for me. Every single day he creates a wonderful dinner. In the great tradition of the American South, for my husband this is love. I have a deep enduring love for this man I married 27 years ago.

My husband's garden

and his gumbo pot. 


P. S. It is Tuesday afternoon and I just sat down to read your comments on my Gratitude post. And tears came to my eyes. I am so grateful for you, my blogger friends. Your comments are so supportive and kind. And right now, I wish you were here so I could hug you all. I really do and I want you to know that. 


  1. Your husband sounds like a very good man Inger.
    Hugs to you too.

  2. Hej!
    Vilken underbar man du har. Ni verkar ha en skön tillvaro ihop.
    Kram M/

  3. Oh Inger this is beautiful your husband is a brave caring talented loving man who has a beautiful caring compassionate loving wife on his arm and that picture in my head makes me smile ear to ear. A perfect match. I know how that feels. HUGS to both of you and I wish they were real hugs too. HUG B

  4. What a great tribute to the man you obviously love. Happy A-Z.

  5. You have a wonderful life-partner there - 27 years, wow!
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    Fantasy Boys XXX - A to Z Drabblerotic

  6. You have described a wonderful guy. You must be a pretty wonderful person too if he chose to be with you and hang around for 27 years. Much happiness to you both.

  7. This is both a lovely and loving post. How lucky you both are to have found each other. And he cooks Cajun too, Wow!

  8. Your husband is a wonderful man, Inger. I can understand him not wanting to be on the internet. I don't want my husband's name or picture on my blog, only because whatever I write has got nothing to do with him.
    It's amazing that someone should think that one man's life is more important than another, and a hero is a hero no matter who he saves.
    I wish my husband could cook!

  9. loved this tribute to your private man.

  10. I treasure my hubby to, but would treasure him even MORE if he had a gumbo pot and cooked for me each night. he did cook every night when i was working and he was retired, but once i retired he stopped. love the pot all by itself to.. and the photo of hubby and soldier and Samson made me a little sad because
    soldier is missing now

  11. Your husband is wise and brave. That reporter is stunted in her worldview. Call no man worthless for whom Christ died.

    Creole cooking is some of the best kind in America. I am glad you found your soulmate. So few do. Thanks for the kind words about my writing. :-)

  12. A good hubs, aka a good man, is hard to find. Once we do find them, we keep them close. A warming tribute, Inger, and I understand totally.

    Give him our thanks for taking such good care of you! (oh, and Samson, too. . .)

  13. What of beautiful post – your husband must be blushing right now. Nice to read about two people who truly love each other.

  14. thank you, Inger, for sharing such a tender tribute to you husband. You are a blessed woman, as he is a blessed man.

  15. Man oh man what a man. ( I just had to say that). This was a really nice post. I sure he won't mind.

  16. You are so darn sweet - I know your husband is too - and that you too belong together. You know that was awful to get comments about the drunks - he risked his life for those two - and you don't know what God had in stored for the other. I think he is a real hero. 27 years is a long time and I think you were friends before that!

  17. I do believe you have found a keeper. Nothing sexier than a man in an apron.
    I am casting a pure pox on that stupid reporter for thinking saving two lives wasn't important due to their status. Sheesh.

  18. Don't be jealous, but I ALSO love your husband--& his cooking!! I also love you!!

  19. It sounds like you found a wonderful person to share your life with. Enjoy that cooking!!

  20. I'm sitting here trying to do math in my head and figure out how old you were when you married your husband. It's a very rough estimate since I don't know exactly how old you are. I was 40 when I married Brett. It would be a wonderful blessing to be married to him 27 years. Of course, he was 51 so that makes the math a little more challenging for us. But not impossible, right? And your husband cooks such wonderful meals -- lucky you!

  21. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man, I am very glad you are happy. A master carpenter and a good cook, what a combination :).
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  22. Nice to hear about your husband! He is a very wonderful and lovable person!

  23. I got your hug and here is one right back, Inger...and one for your hubby too!!!...:)JP

  24. Hi Inger .. I reckon you both complement each other extremely well and there's much love there and respect too ...

    Talented and it must be so lovely having him up at the Canyon with you and Samson .. safer too ...

    Gumbo cooking with fresh veg - delicious .. cheers Hilary

  25. Hugs, love, and prayers to you.

  26. What a lovely tribute to your husband, Inger! He is a very wonderful person for sure!
    Congratulations to both of you and many hugs too.
    I can see that his garden is luxuriant and so green.

    Me too, dear Inger, I wish I could to be there and hug you!

  27. Beautiful post about your sweet husband! Lovely :)

  28. Brave, kind, AND he cooks? Wow! he is definitely a keeper. :-)

  29. This post makes me happy :) he is a good man - and both of you have made a very good life together.

    27 years, oh my!!!! and i bet the years are getting sweeter as time goes along...and creole cooking?

    oh my dear taste buds, im salivating...But only the best for the swedish desert goddess!! :)



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