Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for kindle

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I have always been late to the party, the party of new stuff. I'm a progressive person when it comes to everything else, so I don't quite understand myself here. I remember when everyone got color TVs and I stuck with my black and white for years. I bought my first new desktop in 2004 and I still have that monitor. Takes up a lot of room, I know. I was late with my mobile phone too. And recently I had a difficult time explaining to the AT&T lady that I wanted only phone services on my device. Finally, she got it: "Oh, I see, you want something just like a landline," she said. Yep, that's me. So when my friend Judy gave me a kindle a few years back, after reading what she left on there for me, I put it in my drawer and forgot about it. I had no wifi and it seemed like too much trouble to figure it all out. 

Lately, and only because I wanted to read books by blogger friends, I tried to figure it out. It seemed complicated, the download and all that, so when the cheapest kindle came on sale, I bought it. (The beautiful cover above was also a gift from Judy.) In order to get wifi, I had to upgrade to a new satellite dish and buy a wifi router. Now that it's all done, I know I will wonder how I was ever able to live without my kindle. A very good thing.


  1. I've always been late in catching up with technology, too, Inger. I like things that are familiar and sometimes the technology drives me crazy.
    I bought a Kindle because I intended to upload my book on Amazon. I didn't have Wi-Fi at the time and had to go to the nearest free wi-fi cafe to try it out. Now I'm hooked.

  2. I'm no good with the new-fangled gadgets. My real estate agent was aghast when I told her I did not text.

    I have a reader (Though not a kindle) and I seldom use it - it hurts my arthritic hands after a short while - ebooks are easier for me to read on my laptop.

  3. You've convinced me to try it , as I haven't gotten on that band wagon yet either.

  4. Oh Inger that sounds perfect I do not own a kindle even though I would love one. I own a cellphone that is like a landline and it is all I need. I do have a tablet but it died this week and is getting fixed I hope:) Enjoy those books. Hug B

  5. Yeah, I am not the last one to get on the Electronics Bandwagon as I have a Kindle my husband bought me 4 years ago and I have not used it as of yet and not sure if I will or when.

  6. i am the opposite, i love all things new and jump on it when i can afford it. if i had money we would need to build and extra room on the house to hold it all. glad you got your wifi and the kindle up and running... i am a kindle lover..

  7. Kindles are fabulous - I wouldn't be without my physical books for certain things like illustrated works, but kindles are so much easier and lighter, plus they offer instant gratification - I decide I want to read a book, I don't have to wait for a delivery, or a chance to get to the library, I just click and a minute later, there it is :)
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  8. for an avid reader, i can imagine it is worth its weight in gold. :)

  9. So now you can read in bed, eh? I can't do that due to an old back injury.

    I hardly use our KOBO at all. I might if we travel. Bravo, Inger, and have fun reading.

    I just had to get a new laptop and a new smartphone. A lot to learn, so I left the smartphone for hubs to learn and I set up my own computer myself with help only for email and security from supplier.

    Turtles may be slow, but they sometimes win in the end.

  10. I just discovered I can take pictures with my phone!!

  11. I'm another one that dreads technology changing. Your story about your cell phone sounds like what happened with me. The guy asked what I wanted my phone "to do". I said, "make phone calls". He looked at me like I was nuts! LOL I did my K on my Kindle Fire. If you think your Kindle is awesome..whoa...the Kindle Fire is fantastic!
    Visual Proof

  12. sigh. well now i gotta write a book so you can read me on kindle... ;P I have a nook, and i must admit, i slip into my tote when i have to go on long car rides and its not my turn to drive...


    You have us beat - we do have two laptops (im on my second, mikes on his first) but his desktop is still going from 2005. You two have a lot in common that way LOL :)


  13. I'm about the same speed as you with new gadgets. By the time I decide that I should get one, they are already replaced with something quicker and more advanced, lol...
    I use my cell phone like a landline too. I don't want to pay for any extra. Not much of a consumer unless I can get it at rock bottom prices...


  14. It sounds great, Inger!
    I am glad for you.
    As I love to read, I also must to buy a reader, even I love to read on real books too.
    Enjoy your Kindle!

  15. I'm later to the party than you are. I don't have a kindle and don't plan on getting one. I have a small TV––no gigantic flat screen on the wall thing. It's the way I was raised. We were the last people in the world to get a color TV.


  16. In case of fire,I will tuck Minnie under one arm, my Kindle under the other and get out.
    Like you I don't have WiFi so I just buy the books, then when I go to town, I download them all at once.
    Enjoy one of the best inventions since the Internet.
    My phone only makes calls also.

  17. I too am always a step behind. I had a B&W TV for the longest time, It died after watching the first Three Tenors Concert.

    I have a Kindle and I use it when I travel. I do,however , love to read and still love to hold a real book in my hands. I haunt my neighborhood used bookstores.

  18. It's nice to have some books on hand. I have a Nook but I find myself reading more on the IPAD. I still go to the library, too but it's nice to have choices! Happy weekend my friend!

  19. Funny what finally gets us to make the decisions we do. Yours was a very good reason. If I had more time to read, I would love to have one.

  20. You remind me of my friend Sue - she was just like that!

  21. I hate learning new stuff, but I try to keep up. I downloaded the kindle onto my Ipad and still have a whole library of books that I just don't get to. I so much more prefer to hold a good paperback book in my hands. Anything on computer or kindle tires my eyes too easily.
    Glad you are loving your kindle now!
    Gracie sends Samson love n licks!

  22. I love my kindle (so do my kids!)! I am ready to dump technology however, with the confusing and aggravating windows 8.1.

    Glad you took up your kindle, they are loads of fun and hold scads of books! :)

  23. I have a Kindle Fire, and I love it. It's more handy to carry around than a paperback is, although I still love reading physical books.

  24. I bought a Kindle when I started traveling back and forth between the US and Hungary. It make my travel load a lot lighter :D (the first time I moved back home from the states I had to ship out three crates of books).
    And I never used the wifi on it once.
    What I usually do is I download the Kindle book in a file onto my computer, plug in my Kindle, and move the book from one folder to the other. Done. I mostly do this because I am lazy to turn the wifi on on the Kindle, and also because I download dozens of Kindle books from, and they don't transfer via wifi :) ( is a goldmine, by the way).

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  25. Wow - Samson is one huge dog! I love Samoyeds.

    I'm always late with technological things too. And then I always get the el-cheapo versions! I have a tablet, and it's great. I've read lots of friends' books on it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  26. I still haven't picked up a Kindle .... resisting mightily, but I can't live without all the other techno stuff now even though I was late to the party as well.
    I love your cover photo - amazing view.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog Inger
    Fil at Fil’s Place - Old Songs and Memories

  27. Hi Inger like you I was slow - but I do download books to my Kindle - now I must switch it on and read from it - can't quite get in the habit of that yet ..

    I will - and enjoy yours .. cheers Hilary


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