Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zenith

Theme ~ Good Things:

Zenith, the meaning used here: Reaching a summit or a culmination of something, in this case the A to Z Challenge. It has been a wonderful journey for me. I was hesitant to do it again, and when I decided to go ahead, I set up challenges for myself: Keep my posts short and only write them a few days ahead. When I got the email from the A to Z organizers, suggesting we keep our posts to no more than 100 words, I knew I would try. Note that this is totally against my nature, so a double challenge for me.

I wasn't always successful, but that was OK too. Sometimes you just have to make your point with a few more words. That I got some diabetes problems in the middle of the challenge, which forced me to use photos with very, very few words, was perhaps not an entirely bad thing. I am still adjusting to my new diabetic status, but I will be OK. Just can't sit here too long in front of my desk top. 

I was so happy to meet a few new bloggers that I feel I can relate to and care about. Bloggers who left comments on almost every post. Bloggers who have beautiful and meaningful blogs. Bloggers from different walks of life, different countries, and whose circumstances are very different also. 

Several bloggers signed on to follow Desert Canyon Living, thank  you so much.   

Then I want to thank my blogger friends, some of you read and commented on every single post of this A to Z Challenge. Don't think I haven't noticed, I have! I am sending huge virtual HUGS out to every one of you: Thank you so much! That you cared means a lot to me.

And, finally, many thanks to Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out, who had the idea for the A to Z Challenge five years ago. And thank you also to the organizers and helpers who worked so hard to make this a success. And a huge success it has become with over 2,000 participants in this the fifth year of the Challenge. 


  1. Such a nice job on this challenge.

  2. What came to mind when I saw the word Zenith was our old TV. It was a Zenith. I never knew what the word meant...

    Congratulations on completing your A to Z challenge. That was quite a challenge.
    Well done.

  3. I hope you're feeling a bit better now Inger. It's been lovely meeting you here.
    Fil’s Place - Old Songs and Memories

  4. Challenges mean not easy. I know this was difficult to do and something I would never attempt, but I congratulate all of you who took this on and did so well.

  5. I like your choice of Theme. To me that is the hardest part

    perhaps next year I will do again.

  6. I really like that last photo.. so beautiful... you made it through, i knew you could and would.. now i have to check how many words are on some of my post. i am trying to cut back words and find it very difficult to do.

  7. oh no, i just counted the words on my toothbrush art and it is 172 words. i would have sworn i was 50 or less... yowsa... i will have to cut back more

  8. i really enjoyed your a-z 'good things'. learning to appreciate what we have now, what we had then, it enriches our lives. thanks for sharing yours. :)

  9. I've really enjoyed going through another A-Z with you. And these are absolutely beautiful pictures to wrap things up.

  10. It was/is a pleasure to meet you. Those health challenges are no fun, rest is important. And I will enjoy reading your future blogs.

  11. Fantastiska bilder.....vad skulle du ha som våra sista 3 bokstäver i svenska alfabetet.

    Nu har vi Valborg o mänga eldar ska lysa upp Sverige ikväll och våren skall sjungas in.
    Kram Majsan//

  12. Yay! It's been a fun challenge and a fun year. I'm so glad we got to hang out, even if it wasn't for the entire thing. =)

    Health challenges are meant to teach us patience, eh? With life, but mostly with ourselves. Here's wishing you a good settling period as you figure out your strengths and limits.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  13. Hi Inger - congratulations on getting to your zenith and conquering that diabetes irritation mid-way through .. I hope you can get some ease with a settling down in your new diabetic status - glad you'll be ok ...

    Loved your photos and your story lines - it's always a pleasure being here and being welcomed and made to feel at home in your Canyon ...

    Big hugs to you too .. cheers Hilary

  14. Congrats Inger !
    Rising to the challenge despite going through some challenges during the process shows your determination to rise above life challenges . Well done my friend, well done.
    I loved every posts I got to read.
    Hats off to you.
    Do take good care of yourself .
    Hugs Willow

  15. I'm sorry to hear you're having health problems. I hope you feel better soon. I really enjoyed your fabulous pictures and interesting posts! Congrats on finishing the A-Z! :)

  16. Yes, sitting down too long behind the computer or laptop is not good for diabetes. I have to remind myself of that on my day off as I tend to write for long stretches -- not good for our health!

    I love that I have made a new friend in you and Samson! :-)

  17. Those blue-lavender skies, adorned with the pearly moon are a perfect conclusion to your challenge! A job well done!

  18. Zenith--What a great way to end the Challenge, on a high note.

  19. Hej igen!
    man förstår precis vad du skriver även om bokstäverna inte finns på ditt US tangetbord.
    Vilken ö var du på som barn? Jag känner till Sthlm skärgård ganska bra då jag varit i Flottan och åkt mycket båt där men även helikopter. Du kan ju maila svar
    Kram Majsan//

  20. Congrats on making it through the A to Z and I hope you adjust and feel better. It's been enlightening reading about your way of life, so different from my own, thanks for sharing :)

    I look forward to your future posts too, especially about that book of old Swedish stories.

    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles - A to Z Ghosts
    Fantasy Boys XXX - A to Z Drabblerotic

  21. Yes Inger, you have reached your zenith in yet another challenge you have faced head on ! Good for you! Well done.
    Your photos are wonderful!You have such a good eye!

  22. Kudos for you for rising to the challenge as well as challenges along the way. You didn't just post - you posted well.

  23. Congratulations on finishing the A-Z challenge, Inger! I enjoyed so much all your posts and all them was very inspiring to me!

    I hope you feel better very soon, my dear!

    Just stunning all photos you choose to illustrate that post.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Lots of hugs,

  24. I've never commented on your blog, but I loved your A-Z challenge and your pictures are just the best.

  25. Congrats on a job well done and you maintained interest through out which is not always ease on a deadline.

  26. Hi Inger, yes we have reached the zenith.
    Astounding photos.
    I've found that sitting at the computer for some time has not been good for me, either. I hope you're coping with your diabetes.

    Thank you for all your comments my friend. We'll meet again soon. It's good to have met you.

    Congratulations. It's been quite hard at times, and quite an achievement.

  27. Those are very nice clouds, are they lenticular? Congrats on finishing with style and reflecting on the good that came of sticking with the A to Z.

    I guess Samson is wondering when he'll get to have more say. . .

  28. I am happy to have met you through this challenge. I hope your meet your diabetic challenge with the same enthusiasm that you have this A to Z Challenge...see you soon, new friend!

  29. Great finish, Inger. Congratulations! I do hope you get that diabetes under control. All the best!

  30. Zenith is a perfect pick for your challenge Inger!!!! Congrats!...:)JP

  31. It's been a fun challenge to follow! You've done an amazing job and given us so many wonderful posts! I sure love seeing those big skies and the amazing cloud formations! Happy May my friend! Hugs!

  32. What beautiful shots, Inger! Just lovely.

    TexWisGirl from Run-around Ranch has written to let me know that you haven't been able to comment on my blog. I've also heard this from another friend, who says she can't comment on Wordpress blogs since she updated Firefox.

    I wonder if it has something to do with your browser? Or perhaps there's a glitch with Wordpress at the moment. All my spam mail is trashed, so I can't go back and approve you if you happened to end up there.

    You could try leaving me a comment but putting in a fake e-mail address or leaving that blank. In my settings, I don't demand that people leave their email addresses.

    You'll see my e-mail address in this comment, so mail me and let me know how it goes.


  33. Sorry - it's me again, Lady Fi. I've changed some of my settings so hope you can leave a comment now. In the worst case, you can leave a comment without writing a name or e-mail address. Just let me know it's from you in the actual comment itself.

  34. Congratulations on your success! your shots for Zenith were well done, and I thought the two clouds that looked like melting star ships (UFO) were especially interesting.

  35. What a beautiful sky! The photos fit the end of the a-z challenge perfectly. I love it when the sky is purple or pink, it's so pretty!
    Hugs to you!

  36. Hurray Inger! I see your comments in my spam queue and have now approved them so they will appear on my blog. It seems as if you can comment without your email address -- no problems!

  37. Dear Inger, writing only 100 words can really be demanding for the writer--to get to the core, the point, the apex, the "zenith" of the piece in that number of words demands being almost ruthless in cutting and/or composing. So I hope you are proud of yourself for a job well done. I was just able to read a handful of your posts, but I thought you did some of your best writing on those I read you've ever done. Peace.


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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