Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Z is for Zenith

Theme ~ Good Things:

Zenith, the meaning used here: Reaching a summit or a culmination of something, in this case the A to Z Challenge. It has been a wonderful journey for me. I was hesitant to do it again, and when I decided to go ahead, I set up challenges for myself: Keep my posts short and only write them a few days ahead. When I got the email from the A to Z organizers, suggesting we keep our posts to no more than 100 words, I knew I would try. Note that this is totally against my nature, so a double challenge for me.

I wasn't always successful, but that was OK too. Sometimes you just have to make your point with a few more words. That I got some diabetes problems in the middle of the challenge, which forced me to use photos with very, very few words, was perhaps not an entirely bad thing. I am still adjusting to my new diabetic status, but I will be OK. Just can't sit here too long in front of my desk top. 

I was so happy to meet a few new bloggers that I feel I can relate to and care about. Bloggers who left comments on almost every post. Bloggers who have beautiful and meaningful blogs. Bloggers from different walks of life, different countries, and whose circumstances are very different also. 

Several bloggers signed on to follow Desert Canyon Living, thank  you so much.   

Then I want to thank my blogger friends, some of you read and commented on every single post of this A to Z Challenge. Don't think I haven't noticed, I have! I am sending huge virtual HUGS out to every one of you: Thank you so much! That you cared means a lot to me.

And, finally, many thanks to Arlee Bird of Tossing It Out, who had the idea for the A to Z Challenge five years ago. And thank you also to the organizers and helpers who worked so hard to make this a success. And a huge success it has become with over 2,000 participants in this the fifth year of the Challenge. 


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