Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Old Age

Theme ~ Good Things:

Now, what's so great about old age, you ask? I know, when you are young, it seems so far away and you really have no idea how fast you will get here. When I was 15, my grandmother was the age I'm now, 73. I don't think she felt old, she was in good health, walked all over town, and lived to be 90. To me she was ancient, and I was glad so many long years lay ahead of me. 

Don't get me wrong, there are many frustrations, fears and and pains involved in old age. Many things can go horribly wrong, but if you are relatively healthy, old age with its wrinkles, sagging skin, and aching bones is not to be feared. 

I don't know when old age starts in these United States, where youth is so important. Maybe it's an individual thing, dependent on your health and interest in life. Since I have lived many years, I'm definitely more old than young. It surprises me that I feel no different from when I actually was young or middle aged. I just get tired more easily.

Another surprise is strange and sad. Somehow I believed that those who were younger than I would live longer, would always be here for me to talk to, email, be there to get my birthday greetings and Christmas cards. I never grasped that so many would die so young. I am a bit shell shocked about how wrong I was.

I'm struggling with a chronic illness and all the little things that go wrong as you age. I'm also suffering from the usual old age problems with forgetting why I went to the kitchen and where I put my keys. But I'm not as bad as hubby, who the other day was running around looking for his belt. You guessed it, he was wearing it around his waist! 

I really have no regrets, looking back. I did my best to be a good and caring person. I could regret that I had no kids and now have no grandchildren, but I don't. My stepson died young, and that sadness will always be with me. But you continue to live. 

The best thing about this age, for me, is that I now live more in the present than ever before. I have learned to be responsible for my own reactions, to not get upset about trivial things, to not stress over things I cannot change. More importantly, I have learned what centers me, what brings quiet and peace into my life. 

And that is why I chose to write about Old Age being a Good Thing, instead of say, Opera, which was my first choice. This got to be way more than the 100 words per post I aimed for in this year's A to Z Challenge. It wasn't easy to keep it short, I find I have so much more to say on this subject......  


  1. Så fint skrivet och verkligen tänkvärda ord.
    Önskar dig en Glad Påsk och en bamsekram från mig!

  2. You my dear dear Inger will never grow old and this is a wonderful story of a woman who knows the secrets of a life well lived and no regrets. HUG B

  3. You did a wonderful job on this post, Inger. Living in the present and being positive about life is not only the way to enjoy our later years but also the way to live throughout our lives. Reading your posts, I can see that is what you have done.

  4. I totally agree with Starting Over and all of what you said - it was excellent. I know for a fact that the youth I love with do not understand the aging process at all. I think it is very hard for my 36 years old daughter to believe I am getting older and can't do the things I used to. In fact I don't want to do the things I used to. I am different.
    I head know all the things you said - and I try hard to incorporate them in my life - but I'm not there yet.

  5. I love this post. Very well said.

  6. I think age is a state of mind really. My husband is 37 and he acts like he is 80 most times. I am 41 and he swears I act 16. haha. Such is life. I am trying to figure out how to follow you. I don't see the follow button. Thanks for coming over and following. Sorry I have not been over sooner. My computer crashed and we had to replace it. Grrrr.

  7. great post and I am glad you chose Old over Opera...i can relate to Old very well since i am close behind you in years... the thing i dislike about old age, is with each 10 years, i lose things i could always do and no longer can, as little as 7 years ago I could hike for hours, now i am lucky to walk an hour and then deal with the pains. i could go to Jungle gardens for 3 hours and love it, now i have to keep sitting and come home to pain. i do like the part about being a lot more wise and also more content with life than i was....

  8. Sometimes I think I've been abducted by aliens because the last 30 years have suddenly disappeared.

    Your post made me laugh. We can all identify with the forgetfulness. My hubby looks for his glasses while he's wearing them. I'm always forgetting things, but I put it down to having too much on my mind. I'm 65 and beginning to feel it.

    I would have liked grandchildren, too, but my son died young, so I know how you feel. We have to be thankful for what we have. So many people I've known are no longer here, and it's good to enjoy life when we can.

    You have meaning in your life, Inger, and I wish you many happy years ahead.

  9. Great post Inger...
    I'm of the Old Age too and I still feel young in my head. The battle scars on my body tells me I have had many health issues that I've conquered over the years but they don't define who I am. I'm a survivor... still alive and kicking... like you I try living in the moment but as my life is busy, I have to really focus hard and I'm not always successful but I'm getting better at it.


  10. You look at least ten years younger than you are and I suspect you are very young at heart. Living in the great outdoors does you the power of good.

  11. you remain active and find joy and beauty in each new day. that keeps your soul young.

    i did laugh at the belt story, though. :)

  12. To me you are beautiful inside and out, and I learn from every post of yours, from your wisdom, even if you have personal battles - that is what makes you a SWEDISH GODDESS - XOXOXO

  13. Well said - my parents are your age and, newly retired, are loving the freedom and the next stage of their lives. They're fit and healthy and yeah, forget what they went into the kitchen for (although so do I, and did you know there's an evolutionary reason for that, it's not just age, it's to do with changing scenery and being able to quickly adapt to a new situation, in the face of a new environment, your brain deliberately clears out, i.e. forgets about, the last situation, which was where you knew what you wanted to go get, so you then can't remember why it was you decided to change situations in the first place ;P)
    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles - A to Z Ghosts
    Fantasy Boys XXX - A to Z Drabblerotic

  14. Old Age - some things age faster than others - My brain still thinks I am 26, but my body won't go along with that idea. Yes, sad that at our age, we are losing our dear friends.

  15. Hey, you can always adopt my kids, or a neighbors kids as grandkids, and you should, right? They could really benefit from your wisdom and general awesomeness.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  16. I am NOT 79--I'm 36 with 43 years of experience!!

  17. O ~ O ~ O Old age ~~ Yes you are right all of the sudden we are experiencing this stage in our lives. We have always kept young with our thinking and actions but the passed 5 years have put on our brakes for us. here we are in our mid-60's and our hearts have decided to tell us a thing or two.
    Remembering my Grannie and Mom talking or inferring about old age just seemed so far away in my realm, but the strange thing is I always felt good around older people. I spent so much time listening and laughing with them, so now that I'm on the cusp of this stage in life, I just hope I can live long enough to listen and laugh some more!
    Cheers Inger!!

  18. I could definitely read more about what you have to say on this subject. It didn't seem like a long post to me at all.
    And I cracked up about your husband and his belt. I could totally see myself doing that. :)

  19. You said it so well. I too have a 30 year old mind that sometimes forgets my physical limitation till the next day.

  20. And you are a very young 73!!!! It is much in attitude I think. I find that I am not able to do some things that I could do in my forties. Arthritis in my hands is bad and I can't grasp stuff or do things with my hands that I could before, and also aches and pains. Ugh. I will be 59 this month. And even now, I'm feeling old age creep up.
    Great post Inger. You look wonderful!!

  21. Aging makes us beautiful, Inger....:)JP

  22. I love that you have so much to say and that you share that wonderful wisdom with us !
    I love that you know where your peace is and are able to live in the moment .
    It is inspiring to read this.

  23. You write with great wisdom. I should stop all my regrets and start to live for this minute. It's easy to type but so hard to do. I love that photograph of you sitting at your garden table. You look so happy and relaxed. I shall try to take on board what you say.

  24. Please don't stop writing about this subject. I think we need a special blog group to vent a bit about getting older. What I miss is the energy I had. And I do realize how precious each day is, thank you for reminding me. My sister does not like me talking about health issues, she sees it as weak, so when she calls, I am always "fine."

  25. And your next posts will tell us more and more about yourself, Inger.

    I like your observations about 'old age', particularly living in a culture that glorifies youth and ignores people who are older than they are. Asian and North American Indigenous Peoples look up to and admire their elders and depend on their opinion and wisdom.
    We have a way to go.
    All what you said about old age is true. I for one am enjoying this time of my life far more than the younger time.....aches and all.

  26. The spouse and I comment to each other frequently about some new symptom of aging. It is all so surprising and new to us. I also mourn change...the friendships we have nurtured for years that end when a friend has to move, or worse dies. Old age isn't for sissies!

  27. Hi Inger - life deals us mixed blessings ... and we need to accept those gifts and the lessons we've learnt from the challenges we faced.

    You're doing very well .. and thankfully we're all much the same - forget this and that, tempt ourselves with treats, try and live well ...

    Community spirit is a wonder for many, family so important - yet some of us 'have none' close .. and we can 'adopt' and become surrogate Grans ... even blogging has done that to me .. with Lenny I'm now GrandBlogMom - a great title!!! For someone who feels about 25!!

    Animals - if we have them .. essentials as companions and making sure we get exercise. Gardening and yardwork too ...

    Keeping our brain going is something I've found essential and questioning many things - without getting too het up about life!

    The thing I've learnt from two uncles and my mother .. is adapting to getting near the last stage - when it really is difficult to do things and accept or work out easier ways of doing things ... and then accepting with trust and faith the transition - helping those of us, who help along that path.

    The journey of life is interesting ... thanks for opening our minds to many points of becoming older - I love seeing your Swedish blonde looks smiling at us .. Happy Easter to you, hubby and Samson .. Hilary

  28. Dear Inger, with the following paragraph you have, for me, truly summed up the gift of being older: "The best thing about this age, for me, is that I now live more in the present than ever before. I have learned to be responsible for my own reactions, to not get upset about trivial things, to not stress over things I cannot change. More importantly, I have learned what centers me, what brings quiet and peace into my life."

    I so agree with you. I do a much better job of living in the present and in Presence than I used to and I have learned to go to the deep center of myself when in doubt or when filled with joy.

    Your thoughtful presentation of aging could really become a short article for your local paper or for a magazine like AARP. Think about it. Please. Peace.

  29. Dear Inger, you did a great post here! A very important article about the old age and maturing. Love also the pictures and you look beautiful on the car (a gorgeous green picture) and so happy with Samson too.
    You wrote a wise paragraph and I agree with Dee, it really summed up the gift of being older:
    "The best thing about this age, for me, is that I now live more in the present than ever before. I have learned to be responsible for my own reactions, to not get upset about trivial things, to not stress over things I cannot change."
    Thank you so much for your words, they are very important to me and make me feel good!

    PS: Love reading all these comments!


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