Saturday, April 9, 2016

H is for Home And A Huge Thank You For Your Comments Yesterday

Me, alone. Life after loss.

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. ~ Jane Austin

I was happy I was able to find words to express my emotions in yesterday's post and that you responded to them with so much love. Thank you.

This post is far more mundane, but that's life after all. As I said earlier, my emotions this year have covered the spectrum. 

I became rather manic in my early efforts to fix up this very unfinished place. To make a home of it for me, alone. Looking back, I don't know why I wanted so badly to take care of all the things, large and small, that Errol was unable to finish. 

We bought this raggedy house, built in 1977, because we fell in love with the land whereupon it sat. Errol was going to finish it, but .....

The outside and the windows were a mess, but Errol finished most of the the inside back in 2005. All that was needed inside were those important finishing touches that make a house a home. Errol's brother, Glenn, who retired after he and Errol closed their construction business, offered to help and I accepted. 

New windows.

Glenn has been an angel, both because he is so very, very good at everything that has to do with construction projects, large and small. He can do it all. But also because he is so calm and so kind. He has helped me with my sorrow, as I hope I have helped him with his. We have always been friends, now we are better friends.

New siding, will be painted this summer. 

It's slow going, but the process is both fun and inspiring. 

Glenn helped me install curtain rods for all windows, so I could hang curtains and valances, like this one, which I inherited from my sister. 

I still have lots to do. My house is not cozy yet, but it will be someday in the near future (and as soon as Faith stops eating up pillows, afghans, table cloths, and so on).  

To close this post, let me quote our first president:

I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world. ~ George Washington

Me too, I really don't want to be anywhere else, and that's such a good feeling.


  1. Hi Inger - how lovely to see more of your home .. and home is where the heart is ... it's so good to read about Glenn being so helpful and you slowly organising things ... I love the valence on the window .. and it must be lovely to have that reminder of Sweden and more importantly your sister ... and now the home you and Errol loved is becoming fit for you and your future ... while giving you something to focus on ... it does look gorgeous your Desert Canyon ... I'm sure Faith sometime will realise that feathers do not make a meal?! Take care and have a happy weekend - Hilary

  2. What a wonderful transformation, Inger. A house is always a lot of work, but a home is where our heart is and where we seek peace.

  3. Home, sweet home. Nothing is better than the comfort of our homes, Inger. Isn't it a good feeling to always have this place we call home to which to return.
    Your brother-in-law is a godsend and sounds to be the perfect person to finish the job.
    I hope you realize how inspiring you are, Inger. Your strength and honesty in sharing these past couple of years with us is very heartwarming and precious. Thank you.

  4. It's so good that you can get the house fixed like you like it and making it your home sweet home. Home should be a place of refuge and comfort and it looks like you're getting there. It's keeping you busy and looking forward. Good job.
    Have a pleasant weekend Inger.

  5. i feel the same as you and Washington, home is my place to be.. the siding looks great and i like your inherited curtains. God bless your brother in law for helping you finish the projects

  6. You are home and writing another chapter of your life. Enjoy.

  7. The house is coming right along. Glenn is a bit of an angel - how good for you.
    You have a lovely home.

  8. I'm with you on home being the best place. Our house isn't as old as yours - built in 1983 - but the construction was really shoddy and it has been a lot of work to transform it into home. Like you, though, we fell in love with the land and we don't regret all the work one bit. Living in paradise is worth it, as you well know.

  9. Every little bit that you do makes it that much more cozy. It all takes time.
    I'm a home body too and love being at home.

  10. We've had the privilege of meeting Glenn--I guess their daddy specialized in raising sweethearts!!

    1. It was definitely his mother, who was a wonderful, kind, and sweet woman. Never without a baby on her lap.

  11. I always say "home is where the heart is." As a matter of fact one of my sisters gave me a plaque years ago for our home.

  12. Very good that you have Glenn! You are making a cozy home for yourself!!

  13. So glad you have Glenn to help out. Remodeling is a big job. It's nice to have someone who knows what he's doing in that area. Your landscape looks a lot like mine, but I live in the desert too. Sometimes it's hard to keep plants alive, but sagebrush, etc has no problem with the climate. I still try to keep flowers going every year.


  14. I agree with both of these quotes. So glad you have some help with your house. Owning a home is a never ending adventure of things that need tending.

  15. amen. i'd rather be home than traveling anywhere else. :)

  16. How nice to be able to cmofort and support one another...

  17. Your house is looking quite wonderful -- as is the support and help from your brother-in-law.

  18. You, Errol and now Glenn have done wonders to make that house your home. What a blessing Glenn has been.

  19. It sure looks nice with new windows and siding's.

    You will have to buy Faith a special toy.

    Every small touch you do, makes it home sweet home.

    Nice to have someone around whose handy.Enjoy your Sunday.

    1. She has tons of toys, but a special love for materials. I call her my material girl. When I leave the house, I have to remove a few throw pillows and stuff like that.

  20. Hello dear Inger!
    So true the words of Jane Austin! "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."
    I am so glad that you have Glenn, a very kind person that have been helping you with your home.
    So beautiful the curtains and valances for all windows! Lovely view too!
    You make me laugh when you said about the adorable Faith eating up pillows, afghans, table cloths, and so on.
    Hope you all have a nice Sunday.


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