Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for Up!

Me, alone. Life after loss.

Up at dawn, the dewey freshness of the hour, the morning rapture of the birds, the daily miracle of sunrise.... ~ Louisa May Alcott

When I came to the letter U, I had no idea what to write about. Then Up came into my mind and wouldn't leave. All  young ones have that desire to get up, higher up. Babies have it and puppies too. 

The above picture is from when Faith first got here, at about six or seven weeks old.

In the rest of them she's a little over two months. She was so determined and so happy when she finally made it. But then the worry set in. How am I getting down from here?

I guess this became a post about getting down as well as getting up. But she was so darned cute, I just couldn't resist.

I hope this cheered you UP! A little different from my posts about the past year. Up for me, I guess means a step in the right direction. My life is getting better, I have more ups than downs now, more laughs than tears. And I love my mornings, I'm up in the dark now, waiting for the sun to rise, for the day to begin. 

Human nature from hunters to farmers, get up and get going with your day.


  1. Hi Inger - lovely to see ... I thought you were going to takes us up and out in early dawn into the Canyon ... but these pup photos together with the handsome Samson - lift me up too ... so Up is a good word .. and I'm so pleased there are more ups and than downs ... with thoughts for your morning walks with the awakening world ... Hilary

  2. I love getting UP more than getting down, that means in the am and also stairs are easier going Up than down. i love these photos. they are pricless memories captured forever.. Faith was so adorable and also Samsom has his nose UP to... great UP post and it did lift my spirits UP while viewing

  3. Aww, Faith looks so sad when she realizes she is afraid to get down. So precious! Glad she made it and I've no doubt now she is jumping up and down as well as Samson.

  4. This was such an UP-lifiting post. I loved the pictures of little Faith! You have lifted me UP today, Inger!!

  5. Hard to remember when Faith was just this little. Such a sweet, begging face!

  6. Darling shots of Faith. (And Samson too, of course) Yep, when you are down, the only way out is up!
    Happy too know you are going, "Up."

  7. Faith was so little and cute. Penelope has learned to jump UP in my bed. She has springs in her legs.


  8. Poor Puppy Faith! I have often gotten into a situation I thought I wanted, only to stew: "How am I gonna get out of this one!?" I believe the "up's" will begin to outnumber your "down's" now. The silent of the night seems to whisper to me: "Hush, time to sleep good dreams." May your dreams be filled with bouncing Faith and patient Samson. :-)

  9. So glad you're feeling more UP!!

  10. That is a nice way to think about it, that you are waiting for the daylight.

  11. I have a year old cat that loves to go up, but is very hesitant about getting down so seeing these pictures of Faith made me smile. When we are up, we are more free and I am happy to hear that you are getting closer to the sunshine.

  12. Just wonderful that you are anticipating the UP part of life. Faith is just so cute and was so determined to get UP.


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