Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Celebrating Our Anniversary -- Hiking in the Canyon

Yesterday, we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary with a great trek through the canyon. Since today is Tuesday, this should be about treasures and what better treasure than the memory of this wonderful hike to celebrate our love.

If you are not familiar with the desert mountains, you may think nature here only comes in this brown/beige color.

Which is not true. Here old grass and new grass intermingle under a dead juniper tree.

More surprising colors.

The grass is so green right now. It only grows under the junipers and I, of course, don't know why.

Can you see the blue juniper berries that aren't really berries at all, but small cones. 

This red was so surprising in the middle of a dun-colored field. As I walked across this field, I thought of how different the fields look here from those that Louise so often pictures on her blog from Western New York state.

Even the rocks are decorated with bright colored lichen.

And in a crevice, I find some lovely, dark green moss.

Look at these colors, aren't they gorgeous?

We come upon the ruins from a different angle this time. 

OK, so my husband says I'm supposed to climb up this rocky hillside.

And Samson says: Come on Mommy, you can do it.

On my way to the top, I find water on a rock. From the recent rains and snow, I suppose, but since everything else is dry, I make a note of it.

My husband marches ahead with the dogs while I slowly make my way up.

Looking back from  near the top, I see the ruins (in the middle of the picture) and how far I've climbed.

At the top some water awaits the dogs and they happily help themselves.

There is a creek bed at the bottom of the other side of the rocky hill. In it, I find this. I hope it's from some animal, but what kind I have no idea. Since I read a lot of mysteries, I could let my imagination run wild.......

So I hurry up and leave to catch up with my husband and dogs. 

Finally we arrive at the old beer truck that we visited in the beginning of April last year. I wrote about it and the ruins here.

Ah, the long way home. And look at those clouds! Don't they look like they're on their way somewhere important?

This was such a special day that I will remember forever. A good way to celebrate all our years together. So this will be my Treasure for today. 


  1. Happy, happy 24th anniversary! Sounds like a wonderful day together. I agree - your terrain is SO different than what I see in NE Texas or what I grew up with in the upper Midwest. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing your walk!

  2. Congratulations, Inger, to you and your husband. Your post is a true love story. The memory of the day will always be a golden treasure!

  3. Oh Inger, that is definitely a treasure for certain; not only the hike but your 24 years together!
    Congrats is in order!!!

  4. Thanks for the tour...beautiful pictures.....and Best Wishes....!!


  5. What a lovely way to spend your special day Inger and your photos are absolutely beautiful, even the beer truck!
    The view is not that great around here, we have to go south a bit to see rocks & hills.

  6. Happy anniversary! I love your desert pictures. I'm reading a book set in Big Bend TX, where my husband and I honeymooned, and I've been missing the dry heat!

  7. Treasure is right, Inger! It's days like this one that are the very best!! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband... and what a wonderful celebration.

    And I wonder who's remains you found?? Sure, it was an animal. Sure.
    **Now, Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho music plays in the background** LOL.

    Thanks for sharing this special day with us.

  8. What a nice way to spend the day!! Happy Anniversary Inger!!! I hope you had an enjoyable evening too!!!

  9. Oh what a wonderful milestone Inger! Congratulations!! Beautifull scenery and isn't it funny how we are always getting left behind by our men and having to hurry and catch up with them!

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary. Sounds like the perfect day. All that hiking with your DH, how fun!

  11. Happy 24th Inger and hubby! You both are so fortunate to have found each other. My dads have been together for almost 38 years with 2 of those years being married years. I am so happy for them. Samson and Soldier are really enjoying their trek with you. Cheers!

  12. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your husband. What a lovely way to spend it ;-)

  13. And I wish you many more years of happiness together! Many, many more!

    I loved the pictures. Yes, the view is amasing and so different from what we have in Arkansas. Going to New Mexico last year, I just fell in love with the American desert. There is so much life in it - and colors, and secrets to be found.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Happy Anniversary Inger! And what a lovely treasure to have!
    Remarkable colours òut there`, eh. And the dogs look like they really enjoyed themselves.

  15. I enjoyed your "love"-ly walk with your doggies and your hubbie. No better way I can think of to spend an anniversary. :)

  16. Togetherness is a true treasure, Inger! Happy Anniversary!!...:)JP

  17. Happy Anniversary! That is a wonderful gift - time together, not many do that after such a long while! I just love, Love, LOVE your pictures! I didn't realize the ruins were so close to you, that is so cool! Ever thought of rebuilding it?

    Have a pleasant evening now!!!

  18. Fantastic photos!
    And Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary :-)

    Take care and have a great week :-)


  19. A great treasure for the day. I love the lichens on the rock. Such great colors.

  20. What a wonderful anniversary you had with your husband. A large part of it I think is because of how you can appreciate all the differences on the earth and wonder what stories they hold.

    Happiness truly begins from within.

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  21. Happy Anniversary, Inger. What a beautiful walk to celebrate a special day.

  22. A treasure indeed. What a beautiful way to spend your anniversary.

  23. Happy anniversary! Thanks for showing us the colors of your world.

  24. Fantastic anniversary. What a treasure to put in your memory book and look at it on your 50th anniversary. Your pictures are alive and tell a beautiful story.You are an inspiration, Inger.
    Love and Peace

  25. Happy, happy anniversary, Inger. What a wonderful celebration you had! Your countryside is so beautiful, it just draws you on, and on, to see more and more. I REALLY covet your lichens, there is nothing like that here. Nature's beauty, how it sustains us!

  26. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    I think your pictures of the hike show the treasures of your area! I love how the desert has such variation and so many surprises.

  27. Happy Anniversary. Glad you can be together. Looks like a lovely hike and I'm sure Hubby cooked you a wonderful meal to celebrate... so wonderful to have a husband that is a wonderful willing cook! Congrats again... Have a wonderful year together.

  28. Happy 24th we just celebrated our 28th last weekend..looks like a fun hike...love the colors..

  29. A slightly belated Happy Anniversary! from a fellow scandinavian :-) I loved reading about your walk, and your pictures are so beautiful. I think the kind of landscape you are in is fascinating. I have visited similar areas in Arizona and New Mexico, and I loved it. You are so right, fabulous color can be found in the most unexpected places.
    Days like that are truly a treasure!

  30. congratulations on 24 years of marriage!! that is so nice to hear. your walk together sounded and looked lovely.

  31. It felt really good reading this post. That's a wonderful thing ... 24 years, what a treasure! You live in a gorgeous area, I enjoyed the photos.

    Many happy years to come! :)


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