Friday, February 25, 2011

My Three Dogs

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It's a cold and windy day in the canyon with snow flurries and gray skies. Soldier, my 77 lb lapdog, has lately gone out of his way to show me what a good guard dog he is. Last night a big truck drove up and three guys got out. I knew them, they come up to the canyon every now and then looking for sheet metal, primarily. I let the dogs out in their dog run and they barked like crazy, of course. I noticed that Soldier was especially aggressive and continued barking long after the guys drove off. And then I knew that should anyone come here and try to do some harm, Soldier would be the dog that would attack. I never saw that so clearly before. This morning, the dogs went bananas barking again, but I couldn't see anyone or anything. After a while Angel and Samson quit, but Soldier went on and on. 

Then he bent down and looked low along the ground for something or someone. He was so intent and focused and in an aggressive mode. I've never seen him quite like this before. And I know he's no fighter and tries his best to avoid male dog conflicts with Samson, who is definitely the pushy one of the two, and by now the alpha male.

Inside the house, I gave Samson a new toy, a big stuffed dog that came up with my husband's move. Angel immediately wanted it too. But Samson was off and running wildly around the living room, up the love seat, down on the floor, up on the couch, chewing and shaking his new toy vigorously.

To make Angel feel better, I untied the dog's collar and gave it to her.

Samson continued to chew on his new toy,

but then he got curious and wanted to see what Angel had. 

Was it as good as his toy? No, much, much smaller, not nearly as good as his.

But too late! I heard a huge growl coming out of Angel and saw that she, who'd kept her eye on the prize the whole time, now had it firmly in her possession.

Samson says: Oh, please, I want to play with my toy, I was only checking your toy out. Can I have mine back, please, please?

Angel is having none of it. She picks up the dog

and carries it over to where she left the collar. Now she in possession of both dog and collar, while Samson stands there with his mouth open and a look of dismay on his face.

I'm wondering if Angel is teaching Samson yet another puppy lesson here: Watch your catch at all costs and don't get greedy. Or something like that.


  1. It must make you feel good that Soldier is indeed a guard dog, Inger. I guess Angel sure taught Samson a thing or two!

    Great pictures, love the story line!

    Have a nice afternoon!

  2. It must be such a secure feeling, to know that you have a dog like Soldier, who will protect you. Dogs are such faithful creatures. They amaze this cat lady. I love the lessons that Angel is always teaching Samson. "Now, listen here, you young whippersnapper!"

  3. Aren't dogs the best?! I love ours and couldn't live without them. Glad you have a guard dog on duty!

  4. Oh, you go Angel!!! Queen! Silly pups got nothing on you!

  5. Max steals Mia's toys all the time....then he hides them under the quilts in the guest bedroom.....just like little kids...!!


  6. It must be so much fun watching these two play together. They're so beautiful!

  7. That is *so* cute! Funny how they work things out.

  8. Good dog Soldier! Samson sure learned a lesson from Angel! That look on his face is so cute.

  9. Well out there where you are often alone it's good you have those dogs, you can feel a lot safer with them.

  10. It's very comforting to know that Angel is your guard dog. Sampson will learn a lot from her!...:)JP

  11. Just like a couple of little kids with their "new" toys. My pups do the same thing -- whatever the other one has is the best toy ever made, but once they have it, it's not so great.

    Love the photos and narration -- and glad that Soldier is there to protect his mommy and daddy.

  12. Oh Inger, do keep us posted on how that encounter played out...I'm glad you have such a great watch dog. Hah, we have a golden and well, he's certainly not the alpha dog and would lick anyone to death upon entering his territory! Gosh, I feel so safe :)

  13. It's a good thing that he barked like that, and I'm in full understanding that you wouldn't live there without the dogs. The place we lived in QC, a dog would have made me feel much better, but we got the cat at an early stage. Besides, with a dog we wouldn't have gotten this apartment here and we love it.

  14. Your dogs are adorable! Isn't wonderful how they each have their own personalities? I've always said they're like little people with fur!

  15. I think it is comforting to know which dog would be the one to take a stand for you. I know which one of my dogs would be the first to protect me. I love seeing the dogs pictures :)


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