Monday, February 7, 2011

A Short Progress Report

My husband cleaned the whole house and when he vacuums it gets clean in a whole different way from when I do it. So that's really great. Everything, except a couple of extra TVs, has been moved from the living room and it's now in good shape. I have a future project, something I do every year: Spring clean and purge my bookcases of books I don't want to keep. Then really polish the bookcases. One thing I don't like is oak that gets old and dry looking. And everything gets so dusty here, so that needs to get done, but later. 

The kitchen is fine and once we put up the stainless steel microwave, the refrigerator didn't look so out of place. I also found a bottle of the stuff you clean the stainless steel with so one day soon they will both be polished. I also think we may have room for most of the additional kitchen stuff -- I found a home for the gumbo pots and they were the largest items, so I'm sure there will be room for the rest.

The master bedroom is fine too. After I emptied out the CDs and DVDs I left the boxes in there, so I just have to decide what to with them. I think some of them may work in here, to store office stuff in once I get this room under control. And this, the second bedroom/office, is the room that's now full of everything, everywhere. There are boxes full of paperwork, going back years, blueprints, architectural drawings, bags full of clothes and who knows what else. So this is the big indoor project. Outside, there is a ton of stuff that needs to be done. I can't even think about all that right now. I just hope we can get things decent before the summer heat arrives with snakes and insects to accompany it.


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