Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures & Things

Thank you for all your comments on our progress here. I'm really happy with my living room. I wasn't sure how the new furniture would fit, but I think it works really well. In our family, I am the one who throws things away, my husband the opposite. To make matters worse, because he remodels homes, of course he is the first one owner's ask when they want to get rid of something. And he can't say NO. So over the years, we have accumulated a whole bunch of stuff, some of it nice and useful, the rest not so much.

This is Tuesday's Treasure for this week:

It was very difficult to photograph. I took so many pictures and this is the best I could do. I see some dust at the bottom and the perspective is out of whack, but it does show the different woods and their colors best.

Once upon a long time ago, I used to go hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains most weekends with my then boyfriend. We'd usually go in the morning right at dawn. We saw coyotes in the early morning light, rattlesnakes, and all kinds of birds. Sometimes, we'd go in the evening and stay as dusk fell over the mountain and the owls came out. As we waited close by a field, we would without fail soon see large owls flying above, searching for and catching their pray.

It was a magical experience for me, one that I have never forgotten. Then one Christmas, my boyfriend gave me this owl, which is an amazing piece of art. At least that's the way I feel about it. On the back it lists the different woods that went into creating it: Oak, maple, gum, tiger wood, and ash wood. It is signed J. M. and above it says: SMM (1982) and advises the owner to apply tung oil each six months. From now on, I will make sure it at least gets dusted.


  1. That is beautiful! Think of the time and effort it took to get all of those pieces of wood to fit together so beautifully.

    Coincidentally, I have one made the same way. Mine is of daffodils, and I got it years ago, in Alexandria, VA. There is no lovely story behind mine, however. I just saw it, liked it and bought it.

  2. It is beautiful. (Dusting is not my forte either!)

    My late mother-in-law collected owls. I drew one for her which she loved. Somehow when she died, it disappeared - probably got packed and donated with other things. Hopefully someone is enjoying it somewhere...

  3. It is very beautiful. I love owls, something so mystic about them. There was a cool picture in our local paper the other day, wish I would have cut it out, it was a tree full of owls, it was amazingly neat.

  4. tung oil every six months.....
    I wonder if that was done, but it still looks in good condition.

  5. I really like the owl picture but am more interested in the story behind it. Whatever became of the boyfriend?

  6. How nice!! What an adventurous girl you were. All I have to do is hear the word rattlesnake and I'm like... "I don't think so..." lol. I love your sense of adventure, Inger.

  7. Your owl is beautiful and you did a great job photographing it. I can easily see the grains of the different woods. The artist is truly gifted. I would never have the patience to do that.
    Hmmm, dusting? I think it is highly overrated! I have become accustomed to a layer of dust on everything - it gives a nice patina to the surfaces, don't you think?! ;-)

  8. Amazing work, and lovely story to go with it.

    Have you written, anywhere in this blog, the story of how come you left Sweden?

  9. An unusual but very pretty piece. I agree that a bit of oil would perk it right up. :)

  10. Inger, you are just so darn cute! I absolutely loved it when you said that you will at least dust it!!! Don't worry about the dust. Life is too short to worry about dust...:)JP

  11. It is a lovely creation in wood which deserves a dusting now and then ;-)

  12. I agree - owls are special, and your boyfriend was so thoughtful. What a lovely gift.

  13. Louise: How interesting that you have a similar one.

    texwisgirl: I hope so too.

    Tina: I love owls too. They are magnificent birds.

    Haddock: No, no oil for long periods of time.

    Christine: We parted ways after seven years.

    Bobbi: Thank you. I've had my share of adventures, for sure.

    Dreaming: Yes, that artist was really good. It must have been a truly a difficult piece to put together.

    Kattsby: No I haven't thought to do that, but I could, I guess.

    Nancy: I agree about the oil. Will see to it.

    JP: I dusted it after I noticed the dust in the photo! There is so much dust in this deserty place, you wouldn't believe.

    Joyful: Oh, I'm getting so many opinions about the pros and cons of dusting. This is really fun!

    Terry: I think owls are very special too.

  14. I love your treasures and have to say that seeing yours, has helped me to remember mine and given me an appreciation for them and the dust that goes along with them! :-)

  15. :)
    Love the owl and the story:))

    (And don't dust;) It'll be there again tomorrow;;;))))

  16. Very creative showcasing the different woods.

  17. great owl....I don't like to dust either....


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