Monday, February 21, 2011

A Very Modest Redo

After my husband brought a tabletop copier/fax machine with him when he moved here, I needed to make room for it in the office. This meant I had to move some stuff from the lateral file cabinet that holds his office files. I also needed something that I could just put my stuff on when I work or blog in here. What I had was very flimsy and I didn't like it. Then I spotted my old nightstand, sitting out with the junky wood things in the area designated for potential future firewood. Oh, you should see our yard here. What a mess!

When I spotted it, I wondered why in the world I bought that bedroom set. When I lived in Los Angeles, I had a gorgeous Spanish style apartment. It was large with hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, arches, walk-in closets, built in bookcases and on and on. I will never win a prize for interior decorating, but now I wonder why I bought a modern platform bed and this nightstand to go with it. I later added antiques and achieved a somewhat OK eclectic d├ęcor, but still. 

When I saw the nightstand in the yard the other day, I thought it might work as a small table with storage in here. After cleaning it up with these trusty oils, it looked a little better.

And I carried it into the house. It's mostly solid wood and heavy.

It worked perfectly in the space. My dictionary fits on top with some pens and paperclips. There is room on the top shelf for envelopes, stapler, and other things. And a cloth drawer that went with the previous contraption I had here fit on the bottom shelf. It holds my printer paper, labels, and some empty file folders. 

You can see I found room for the copier/Fax machine on the file cabinet to the right. It doesn't matter that the nightstand is much lower than the file cabinet, it just makes it easier for me to reach over and put my work, papers, or whatever on top of that dictionary. And now that the dictionary is actually accessible, I may even learn a few new words of this great English language of my adopted country.

Have a nice Presidents' Day everyone in the USA! (Was that a rhyme, lol?)


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