Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Road Trip and the 3-Minute Doctor Gives Me 10, an X-Ray, and a Good Suggestion

Today, my husband and I headed down the mountain to Bakersfield where I first had an appointment with the nutritionist/diabetes educator and then one with the orthopedic surgeon, who I call the 3-minute doctor because that's the time he seems to allocate to his patients. Those of you who read my last post about him, may recall that I put him in his place, at least to my own satisfaction, last time I saw him. 

On the way home, approaching the mountains.

I first saw the nutritionist and that went really well. I still haven't gained any weight, but I am eating more protein and I now have a list full of good food suggestions. I also got a thing for my USB port where I can just place my insulin pump by my computer and it will download all the recent activities concerning blood sugar readings, carbohydrate counts, and insulin taken. That should be a great help. 

The green fields of the San Joaquin Valley.

We had lunch in the car and after that I saw the orthopedic surgeon. After I asserted myself so well last time, this time he was really responsive (but why, oh why does one have to go to such lengths). The chiropractor released me yesterday. All is well with my neck and spine. I will still have pain from the whiplash injury, but its something I can live with. And now I want to focus on my shoulder again. The doctor took an X-ray and showed me that the bone that was shattered, not just broken, but in little pieces, in May was completely healed and well-rounded and fit in the socket where it belonged. He said I am in an excellent shape and that I had a very serious injury that has healed remarkably well for someone my age. Happy news!

Beginning the uphill climb.

Then he gave me a note to take to the Physical Therapy place in town here, asking them to provide me with a complete do it yourself at home program. I didn't know that could be done and it would work great for me. I wouldn't have to spend $20 per visit and drive 30 miles each time. 

No one likes it when a big truck slowly inches out in the fast lane to pass an even slower moving truck.

Getting closer to our town.

Once there, we decided to stop here.

To pick up some RID-X for our septic system.

Getting closer to the wind turbines means home is not far away.

And now I don't have to go anywhere for a whole week. Next Thursday is our diabetes support group meeting where Eve will help us with eating healthy on a budget. That's the subject  of this month's meeting and I'm looking forward to it. Oh, I meant to say that being home, I will catch up on your blogs. I miss you all and want to know what you have been up to in the last couple of days.


  1. Hi Inger. I'm so glad everything went well today. You're pictures are beautiful and I loved the one of the wind turbines. I don't think I've ever saw that many together at once. Take care, and have a good day tomorrow!

  2. I don't know why it is so hard to get Doctors to had a very busy day..

  3. Really nice pictures! Loved the green! Well, that Dr. did you a good service this time and you're healed nicely! Yeah! I hope you are able to get some good information and get some weight on - if I could, I would send you some of mine. ;-)

  4. So nice to see green in your pics. & happy to hear your doing so well :)

    The town next to us just had wind turbines installed last summer. They're HUGE!

  5. Excellent news from the doctors! Yay, Inger!
    I enjoyed being along for the ride home through your photos. Such a pretty area.

  6. Oh hurray for you and the good health news! Yes, I remember your 3-minute doctor. Glad he stretched it to maybe 5 min. this time! :)

    Love those wind turbines on that hill! Wish we could rely on my wind power...

  7. What a pretty place you live and that sure is a lot of wind turbines. It is good to see you have healed well (for your age) :0)

  8. Wow Inger, that is great news about how well your shoulder has healed. It's also wonderful that you'll be able to continue a program a home for more recovery and maintenance. I know you will enjoy getting back to your diabetes group. I sure enjoy mine :-) Bye for now.

  9. Loved the way you interspersed your trip photos with your commentary. Seriously, I agree with Bobbi - I didn't know they could get that many turbines together in one spot - wow!
    Nice sunny weather you guys are having - it matches the good news you received about your recovery! :-)

  10. Inger, I am so proud of you that your recovery was a success. It is because of your diligence in taking care of yourself! Keep up the good work...:)JP

  11. We've got a good many wind farms over here but they are nothing like as windmill dense as that. Why not really, if you're going to turn a bit of land over to a wind farm you might as well get the most out of it you can.

  12. It sounds like great news, Inger, and what a gorgeous day for a drive! The green is so green and the blue is so blue. We have the blue, juxtaposed on white - wish we had the green! (But, I know the white will help make the green, so I won't complain....too much!)
    Have a great week!

  13. Oh Inger I am so happy to hear you have healed. :)
    That is a lot of wind turbines! Wow!
    Had to laugh about the truck passing another truck.
    You are amazing!
    love ya!

  14. What a joy to find out that everything is going well. I remember all the trouble you had with your shoulder healing and am so glad to find out that it did heal, correctly and completely.

    That was an interesting picture of the wind turbines. How are they working there? We have some south of us that have been up for two years and are still not functioning because of defective parts. Plus, the local residents hate them, saying that they spoil the view, and, on the rare occasions when they are running, they are very noisy.

    There is talk of putting wind turbines out in Lake Ontario, and I'm trying to decide whether to be for or against.

  15. Glad the Dr. visits went well. You're so good with computers, I know you will make great use of the pump port... Lovely to see the hills so green!

  16. That is wonderful! news, and thank you for the lovely views. Such a pretty route.

  17. Isn't it a great feeling to hear that from your doctor! I am happy for you, even if you had to give him a kick! Maybe you taught him something and woke him up out of his complacent attitude. Nice job Inger!

  18. Glad to hear that you received such wonderful news. Nice pics of your drive.

  19. Great pictures Inger. I travelled with you. I am happy to hear about the healing of your injuries.

    I had the oppotunity to see those wind turbines when we went to New Mexico last October. They are so amazing, aren't they? And the size of those "gizmos" is breathtaking.
    Take care, my friend.

  20. Since I'm fairly new to this blog, I didn't know you have diabetes until now. Those little devices seem to be improving all the time [the USB thing].

    Awesome photos. Once, I've seen a big gathering of wind turbines like that ... in Mars Hill, ME.

    Good that everything went well.

  21. Good to hear everything went well for you. I love seeing the wind turbines, I just think they are amazing. Hope the unpacking is still progressing.


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