Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Morning, Comments on Comments, and a Little Snow

I know that if you live in the US, Canada or northern Europe you must be tired of looking at snow, but I finally got some more and went out early this morning to take some photos. Hopefully, those of you in Africa, the Philippines, and other warm places will enjoy a few snowy pictures.

I am happy you enjoyed my Mama Llama and the Goats story. Manzanita, I didn't know you raised llamas for 35 years. What an interesting life you have had! Thank you Kittie Howard and Terry M. Scott, who saw the potential for a children's book in this story. I feel honored and inspired. I can't draw, but I may know someone who can. 

Our backyard.
On the Ravens and the Hawk post: I was happy you liked the photos and I agree with those of you who feel it is hard to capture birds in flight like that. I took several more shots where only a blue sky appeared. What one would have done before digital cameras, I can't imagine. Pay for a bunch of blue sky photos or get one of those contact sheets, I guess, and then have to wait forever.

Thank you Upupaepops – I always hope you will read my nature posts and let me know what is really going on. Also thanks to Kattsby, who lives in New Brunswick, Canada, and mentioned the eagles there. There are golden eagles here, but not in the canyon. I keep hoping they will do a fly-over some time when I'm outside, but so far no luck. Finally, both Kim and Nan commented on the size of the ravens in Alaska. I don't think the ones here in the canyon are very large. I don't remember any other ravens, except those at the Tower of London. (Are they still there, with their wings clipped? – I remember them as being huge, but I may be wrong, it was an eternity ago.) We don't have magpies here and I wish we did. 

The long road home from the mailbox. Angel and I walked there this morning.

Thanks also for your comments on My Three Dogs, I agree that dogs are really good to have around. As you may know, I love cats, but they don't require walks and they don't bark at strangers, so for me, living here alone so much, my dogs help me and keep me moving and happy in addition to feeling secure. I would not live here alone without a dog.


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