Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday's Story - Mama Llama and the Goats

First, thank you so much for your comments on our hike in the canyon and for your well wishes and congratulations on our 24 years of marriage. Your good wishes touched my heart. What a great group of friends I have found by beginning to blog and then reaching out to share my life with you guys. You mean a lot me and I want you to know that. I have been really busy and did not take the time to write a book review, so instead I'm posting another animal story. This time I'm a llama, go figure!


My name is Mama Llama, and as the name implies, I’m a llama.  Although that may be up for debate, because I’ve heard that I’m both a llama and an alpaca. It’s called a mix. Now that’s enough to make any poor animal confused.  Personally, I think I’m a big, bad llama. I know for a fact that I’m living with these goats so I can protect them from the coyotes that roam outside our fences at night. They wouldn’t hire a little alpaca to do such an important job!  No, you’d have to be big and scary looking, like me, to be able to handle a job like this.

But I must say it isn’t easy to live here with all these funny goats.  Goats can be very annoying, you know.  First of all, they eat everything! They eat their food bowls and they tried to eat mine too.  And they ate my food, so the humans had to screw my food bowl to the top of the fence post. See I’m very tall, and the goats can’t bother my food way up there. Then, when our humans have friends visiting, they try to eat people’s shoes!  I don’t think that gives a very good impression. And they're even worse with the human's kids. But those kids can be teasing bad right back at 'em. Maybe that's why both human and goat kids are called, well, KIDS!  

Another thing these goats are always doing is jumping up on the turned over bucket. They just love to climb up there and make a racket. Maybe it’s because they’re so small. Standing on a big tub probably makes them feel almost as big and important as me. That’s probably it, but it still annoys me. 

But even if I sometimes get annoyed, I feel better when I realize that I have a very important job to do here: I’m the protector of all these little goats. And no coyote would ever dare to come close. Then I feel like I truly love the little goats and feeling that love makes me a happy Mama Llama. The End.


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