Thursday, February 3, 2011

Last Saturday's Walk With Soldier -- And More Moving News

Welcome Lisa a new follower of my blog.

I started writing this post Tuesday afternoon while I was 
waiting for my husband and his brother to arrive with the second and last load of things from the Los Angeles house. 

I wrote I was feeling very feeling stressed then and I still do. Not just from the move but other things as well. I know I don't talk much about feeling bad and stressed in this blog and for the most part I think I've learned to cope pretty well with whatever life dishes out. And if you haven't at my age, when would you? But then there are some days when I seem to forget it all. Tuesday, was one such day. Actually, I had one on Monday too. Sunday, I don't even remember. 

As it turned out, there were a lot of problems with the move and getting everything loaded and they didn't arrive here until midnight. After next to no sleep the two old guys, with a little bit of help from me, unloaded a U-haul truck full of building materials, paints, garden stuff, tools, and so on. I got more cleaning supplies, spices, towels, dishes, pots and pans than I will ever need. Lots of things that will have to go to the dump also arrived. And the pickup truck game up as well, loaded with firewood. More firewood was in the U-haul and we now have wood for more than one winter. Good thing as it was 14 degrees F this morning. At the end of the day, our three sheds were full and overflowing.

While waiting on Tuesday, I wrote that one thing that always helps me feel better is a walk with the dogs. And I created this post about my walk with Soldier last Saturday.

Here is my handsome boy.

We were walking up this hill -- one that we don't usually walk, so I took a few pictures for some different views of our land and the surrounding mountains. There are several juniper trees spread out over the hillside and I took aim on one, not too far up, and decided to walk there a few times a week and then increase the distance and take aim on another bush until I finally reach the top. I'll let you know how that works out.

It soon started to rain, but that didn't stop us.

Then it hailed, but we kept walking. Soldier didn't seem to mind, which surprised me.

He may look like a German shepherd/Lab cross, but this dog does not like water in any form, except to drink, so I figure there is something else going on with his DNA.

Here is a different view of the canyon with the rainclouds covering the mountains to the east. Snow fell on them from this storm, but we only got rain and hail in the canyon. No winter here, but you have to enjoy what you get, I guess. And Saturday was a fun day for Soldier and me. And he was the lucky dog, because it started to rain really hard, so no one else got to walk.

When we got home, I sat down at the computer and developed the pictures while Soldier fell asleep on my slipper.

Then, somehow, he grabbed it and cuddled it in his sleep. I thought that was so cute, I had to share it. 

That was Tuesday and now it's Thursday. We returned the U-haul this morning and rested today. A lot of work lies ahead but I don't mind. I enjoy getting organized and I'm good at downsizing, so we'll see what happens with it all. 


  1. Soldier is definitely a beauty. Water lovin' or not. :)

    I'm glad that last load got done. I know that's half the battle - just getting it there, unloading it and returning that truck has got to feel good. And I know you will have TONS of stuff to go thru - 2 households worth! But now that you're down to one residence, maybe you can take your time a bit with the little stuff and just manage the big stuff that's in the way. Loved your landscape!

  2. That is a sweet, sweet photo, Inger. Soldier loves you dearly!

    I enjoyed all of your photos. Your canyon is magnificent, a place to be One with it all.

    You're doing an amazing amout of work under trying circumstances. I read where moving is number two on the stress level, right under death. So, these quirky days are normal. You're right, can't get to this age without having developed coping skills. Still, there have been times when I've flopped on the sofa, brain dead. When my hub was in the military, we moved 27 times so I know how you feel. Amazing how stuff that looked good turns out looking like junk. Hang in there, girl, this too shall pass!

  3. If I understand this right, you're merging your LA home with this new? That could be a daunting task, but you seem to have a sound approach to it.

    We left Quebec City two years ago for SJ. The house we lived in in QC, Gerry had had for almost forty years! Imagine the accumulation of STUFF. We got rid of so much before we left ... gave away to charity and some went to the dump. We live in a two-bedroom-apartment now. It's wonderful, carefree living. There was a lot of trouble with the house in QC.

    Love your pictures -- it's interesting to see your surroundings. So different from here.

    The dog is adorable. My little McDuff sat and waited in the bedroom yesterday as I was changing the bedding ... he loves a clean bed LOL...

  4. You know, if you didn't get stressed, you wouldn't be human. It's how you work through your problems that counts, and I'd say that you work through yours pretty darn well.

    Soldier is such a beautiful dog. He is always so dignified and wise looking. I'm glad you were able to take him for a walk before things went downhill.

  5. I love the smell of juniper and a walk like you took. I have to say I don't like the walks here in Alaska at all, I do miss very much that part of California where I spent 60 years of my life. Your best friend there is certainly handsome and I know you must love him so much. Dogs give us so much don't they, what would we be like without them?

  6. We all get those stressed/down moments in life. It always helps me to get outside with the dogs. Glad you have all that firewood. Really, you can never have enough!

  7. Soldier looks like he really enjoyed his walk. I bet he was dreaming about things he had seen and all of scents he smelled.

  8. Walks are what get me through most your handsome dog:)

  9. Inger,
    so sorry you've had some stress going on. I'm sure you are well equipped to handle it but it is also nice to let it out;
    deep breath and enjoy your organizing! I too enjoy putting things in their place.

  10. I don't envy you one bit, all that sorting and tossing and keeping. That is not fun work!

    Beautiful pictures from your walk! Of course, Soldier is beautiful all by himself! Cute pic of him cuddling your slipper!

    Yep, best to rest today and maybe tomorrow too! Except for your walk, that is. :-)

  11. sounds like a beautiful walk with soldier. i'm glad it was peaceful for you and you got a break from some of the bad feelings. i love to see the pictures of the land you're on - very beautiful. hope the rest of the week follow suit.

  12. Looks like a great walk!! Hope you get a chance to get organized & feel a little less stress.

  13. You have been through a lot this last year, Inger, and change is very stressful. I'm glad Soldier, Samson and Angel are taking you for walks. Soldier is one handsome dog. That picture with your slipper is too cute! He loves you.

  14. Isn't it funny how the dogs get your slippers?
    But now I need a new pair, red likes to chew them!
    Soldier is beautiful.
    Hope you get everything settled in without too much confusion.

  15. Moving is stressful -- that's a fact. Getting out with the dogs, or dog in your case, is one of my favorite stress relievers. Looks like spring may be on the way for you, Inger. I am looking forward to seeing the desert growth. :)

  16. Thanks for the welcome. Hope the work makes the days pass quickly. I do so hate moving.

  17. It alwlays amazes me how such a brute of a dog can become a baby with his Mom...cute pictures.

  18. Soldier isn't letting you go anywhere Inger! So cute.
    What a different landscape you have. I love the sage-like shrubs with yellow flowers? Soldier is a great companion to have out there on those walks.
    What I always tell myself on those 'stressed' days is that they won't last forever and will pass. I really feel those days are needed somehow to create a balance of sort with the 'good' days we all love.
    Have a great weekend Inger.

  19. Hi Inger, beautiful pictures of beautiful scenery, and beautiful dog. Yes, definitely good to get photos of him sleeping with your slipper; isn't that the cutest thing! I think moving is one of the most stressful things in the world to do. It seems you have the patience to deal with it. Hope it isn't too bad and hard on you. Now-a-days, sometimes I start sorting a pile that I have caused to collect - get halfway through, then have to finish it the next day. But, it does get done. This is a good wintertime project for me. To deal with the collection of clutter that happened during the busy summer gardening season. I hate clutter, still I guess I'm one of the world's worse. You have such beautiful areas in which to take walks. You are smart to do that. Our snow is finally gone; I should go for a walk, too.

  20. What a handsome boy Soldier is. Moving is hard work and very stressful. Take time for yourself and don't will get done eventually.

  21. I like the pictures of the rain coming across the land.

  22. I understand what you mean about not talking too much on your blog about things that stress you. I try not to either and that's why I give my blog the description that it is about the simply joys in life. Though from time to time, I write now about everything else ;-) It is good to have an outlet where you can forget about the things that trouble you. Your walks and your blog help you with that I'm sure. Your photos of Soldier are so nice! He is a handsome dog.


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