Friday, February 11, 2011

Lazy Blogger (Me) Provides Links to Past Posts and Makes Future Post Promises

Thank you all for your comments about yesterday's road trip and doctor's visit. I was really happy to see the X-ray and hear the doctor say I would never need replacement surgery. I don't know what exactly may have needed replacement, but I was happy to hear that surgery most likely will not be needed in the future.

There are wind turbines all across this ridge. They are the ones we see from our place.

Your comments about the wind farms (yesterday's photo showed just one mountain top, there are so many here) reminded me of a post I entered back in June. I called it Coming Attractions and wrote it as much for me as for my blogger friends so that I would get out and about more locally and then write about my experiences. 

Another view of the ridge -- I just couldn't get the wind mills to show.

So far the only day trips that have materialized are my visits with Rachael to the Mountain Spirit Center, a Zen retreat, which you can read about here and here, and with Judy to the donkey rescue and the Norbertine Monastery, you can read about those two places here  and here.

Look what I got! The first little purple spring flowers. I don't know what happened to our winter, but I am beginning to enjoy our spring.

Your comments about the wind farms reminded me that I have wanted to learn more about them and their impact on our community and then write a post about them. Louise asked how they work and they seem to work well. Once one broke and was flaying wildly in the wind, causing Hwy 58 and our canyon road to be closed to traffic until they could get it under control. I'm sure you wouldn't want one of those blades  come flying off the mountain. Personally, I don't think they they are ugly here in the mountains. I think they are pretty cool, actually. To look at I mean. But they may not fit in everywhere, of course. I read about placing them in the ocean by Martha's Vineyard or somewhere around there and don't think I would like that at all. I don't think they do any more damage to wildlife than oil wells and other stuff we humans build in nature. Probably less. And I like to see energy gathered from the wind. There's something appealing about that to me.

Our rosemary is in bloom too.

My most popular post, one that is still read by people a year later, is this one:

A mural from Exeter, CA. Exeter is a charming little town in the San Joaquin Valley and is supposed to have the best tasting oranges around. And I believe that.

The reason I'm mentioning my Exeter post is that we too, here in town, have murals. It's an ongoing project and new ones are added each year. I would very much like to do a walkabout around town with my camera and then write a post about them. There are not as many by far as there are in Exeter, but some of them are really great. As with the murals in Exeter, they all give insight into the history of this mountain town and the surrounding valleys.

Another mural from Exeter.

The other reason I'm mentioning this post is that at the time I wrote it, I had few followers and since it is a fun and interesting post, I thought maybe some of you would like to visit it.

One final example of the murals of Exeter, CA.


  1. I like the idea of windmills, so many are being put up now, I would think that they would be clean energy, as well as solar power, and the wind can go day and night - when we have enough wind. LOL!

    The murals are cool, I especially like the Indian Women!

  2. That must have been a little frightening (when one of the wind turbine thingys flew off)> Yikes. I've always loved seeing them working, they look so... mysteriousv to me.
    Loved the murals but the link didn't go anywhere for me.
    Hope you have a great weekend, Inger.

  3. You do have Spring there I remember that, not here it's 20 degrees with snow covering everything and will until June.
    How would you like a winter that long?
    I've never heard of Exeter.

  4. Thanks for the re-visits! So often we sign up for a new blog and just continue on from there without going back to find out more of the history (who has the time?!) Anyway, those murals are wonderful. I liked your comment on the "foreman overseeing all the working women".

    Can't wait to see the murals from your town too! Happy spring!!!

  5. Sharon: Lots of wind here.

    Bobbi: Thanks for bringing the bad link to my attention. I've fixed it now.

    Nan: Winters in Sweden were pretty long too, but not that long. I would love it and we actually did have snow here on May 26, last year. But spring in between, of course.

    texwisgirl: I'm glad you liked it, I just couldn't focus on anything new today.

  6. I love wind farms. I could stare at the blades moving for hours. They are so hypnotic. They don't look that big when they are way up there and usually quite a ways away. But, we've seen some in transport...and they are huge!
    My son sent me a link to one going awry. It was scary, so I can see why they would shut the highway.
    The murals are amazing. I had to look twice at the women in the packing plant - at first I thought it was a picture.

  7. I remember my mother talking about Exeter but I'm sure there were no murals then. They are beautiful.

  8. What a sight that must have been to have a blade come off the wind turbine! We took the girls to go see them this summer & WOW ! They are HUGE. Although they aren't close enough to us to be a bother, I know a lot of the residents didn't want them. Felt it was an eye sore. I'm torn on that thought. Depends on where they're placed I guess.

  9. Beautiful murals Inger. I agree about the wind turbines--I think wind farms and energy is a wonderful thing. They are starting to put them in WV and I hope to see more of them. We need to do something to get cleaner energy and more independence from oil. I think they are awesome.

  10. Murals are wonderful....and can I have some of your spring? Please?

  11. didn't know u had to go for an xray. but thank God that u don't need it.

  12. Cool day trips! Our rosemary is long frozen gone. Spring must be coming though, right?!!

  13. When I was in Kansas I didn't find the wind farms to be ugly at all. Although, I know many people see them as an eyesore. I find them very intriguing.

  14. I had a sort of soothing feeling, when I saw the wind turbines at a distance. I could have watched them for a long time.

    I just loved the Mountain Spirit center!! Loved it! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Wow! There is just so much to comment on from your last couple of posts! Glad the Dr. visit went well.. I had rotater cuff surgery two years ago and those shoulders can be a real pain. Your pictures are just gorgeous, the mountains, the murals, wow. And those wind turbines! I've never seen so many in one place before. I like the way they look, something almost majestic about them. :)

  16. I've been to lovely Exeter. Happy to see you've got murals, a great way to visualize history. I guess a windmill blade will come off from time to time as it's man-made and subject to imperfections. Perhaps, windmills could be placed further back from roads. Learn as we go along (cause we need the energy they produce!)

    Have a great weekend, Inger!

  17. That's good to know about your wind turbines. Some people say that the turbines south of here were put up by the wrong company, and that others are working well, so I'm glad to hear about the ones near you. We have an aging nuclear plant near us that provides a lot of our power. It's going to have to be shut down some day, and I'd certainly like to see a clean and safe source of power replacing it.

    I'm glad you pointed out your entry about Essex. It was one of my favorite.

  18. Those are beautiful murals. We have a few here in my city and I've featured one or two of them. I liked the look of your wind turbines also though at first I couldn't figure out what they were, lol. I agree they probably impact less negatively on the environment than say, oil rigs but I don't know that for sure ;-)

  19. Thanks, Inger, this time the link worked. I love the murals!! My favorite is still the one above of the ladies in the 'orange factory'.

  20. Terrific post -- I'm doing the same thing, reusing old posts. Love the murals!

  21. Quite recently, we got a huge shipment of wind turbines in our harbour here, and to see them down on the ground, in parts, made you appreciate the SIZE of those things!

    This is a great post with links. The murals are gorgeous and reminded me that I took a bunch of photos of the ones in Quebec City. Maybe I'll write about them some time.

  22. Congratulations on flowers! Yay!
    Thanks for sharing the murals. Neat.

  23. What a great way to learn the history of an area or going to an outdoor gallery!
    So nice to have the signs of spring all around you that would make anybody feel great!


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