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M is for Mexico, 1973 - 1992

Theme ~ My 50 Years in America 

I have many wonderful memories of Baja, California, Mexico, where I spent a lot of my free time, both when I lived in San Diego and later with my husband. 

La Bufadora

We leased a piece of land on top of a bluff, overlooking a bay, about an hours drive from the town of Ensenada and close to La Bufadora, a blowhole located on the Punta Banda peninsula. La Bufadora is the result of air trapped in a sea cave, which explodes water upward, often more than 100 ft into the air, making this one of the largest blowholes in North America.


The landowner's name was Pedro, and he and my hubby became really great friends. Pedro even gave my husband a horse we named Renegade. Pedro's horses and cows wandered the hills on their own, not a fence in sight, and so did his two dogs. 

Pedro and his dogs.

When American tourists came, my husband took them on horseback rides down a steep and narrow path to the ocean. With a straw cowboy hat covering his Creole curls, everyone thought he was Mexican and would speak to him in broken Spanish.


My hubby rode Renegade just like Pedro rode his horses, no saddle, no bit, just a rope around the horse's nose. I rode with the rope, but believe me, the trails there were just as scary as the one I described in my Wyoming Cowboys Adventures post here, so I used a saddle.

We often drove deep into Baja, where small fishing villages dotted the coast and rattlesnakes thrived in sandy bush land. The people were wonderful there; they didn’t have much but were always willing to share: Some tacos, some fish, or some tequila perhaps.  

Once we carved our initials in a tree, inland, away from the ocean, at a place where there were healing springs and an old lady lived. She lived there alone with a statue of the Virgin Mary, or Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Mexico, surrounded by candles, placed on outcroppings, like shelves, in a mountain wall. The woman had a long plait of gray hair down her back and wrapped herself in an Indian wool blanket for warmth. Her face was wrinkled, her eyes wise. 

I love to think that our initials are still there, in the trunk of that big tree, somewhere deep in the interior of Baja, California, Mexico.

Interior of Baja, California, Mexico

Source: Wikipedia for Bufadora information and photo.


  1. I've heard that when one can ride a horse with just a rope, one really knows how to ride! I've always wanted to visit Baja. From your photos and adventures, it seems to be the world unto itself I imagined it to be--and probably still is.

  2. Wouldn't it be something if you could go back and find your initials there? Loved the pics and the story.

  3. I don't remember hearing about Mexico from your hubby!

  4. Is that you in the middle pix? (you look great) and in the photo of Pedro, he looks very much the landowner. A rope isn't enough for me either, but I have ridden bareback. Just getting on the horse when you're petite is an adventure.

    That's interesting that your hubs has Creole background. My hubs has First Nations background(Canadian Natives).

    This is an excellent theme for you, Inger. Loving this.

  5. Lovely lovely place. Thanks for the visit there. I agree - Pedro looked hot!

  6. Your adventures astound me! I especially loved your description of the old woman--her eyes, wise---excellent.

  7. Pedro looks like he just dropped in your post from an old western movie. i love westerns and this place is beautiful. i have read about blowholes but not seen one. this is magnificent

  8. I like the thought of that too, your initials there forever.
    It sounds like that must have been a magical time!

  9. A Ginormous Great Adventure - So Beautiful - Thanks!
    Happy A to Z!

  10. You can never underestimate anyone's journey, because you dont know where they have been...

    Inger, you have a fascinating life...

    thank you for sharing your memories with us!

  11. Sexy picture of you. You are the brave one. Miss Fearless. I know what those steep mountain trails are like. Horses are skiddish. I raised llamas for years and we used them for packing on the steep trails and a horse would go crazy if he saw a llama. Someone would always walk out on foot around a big bend in case horses were coming.

  12. Loved your love story girl. I am thinking how we can't go into Mexico safely like that anymore. Sandie

  13. Wonderful theme and photos. I spent a week at Rancho de Puerta the spa in Tecate. Such a blissful time -- is it still safe to be in that area.

  14. Inger, when I rode my quarter horse with only a lead, I landed in a pile of boulders when she jumped them!!...Missed you while I was on vaca...:)JP

  15. Oh Inger such incredible colourful beautiful life you have had, I understand why you are who you are today. Seems to be magic in your life. Love these stories keep them coming. Hug B

  16. Wonderful story. And iconic, with a Pedro and an old woman, two characters such a story needed. Of course this was real life, not fiction. Which was even more fun.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  17. Hi Inger - this was a lovely post - I loved the story you weaved, with all the things you were able to do ... and that land, those spaces - the love of the horses and animals ... great photos too .. sounds just magical!

    Cheers Hilary

  18. Great details and such adventures you've had!!! I still can't get over all the pictures you've taken and kept (and can put your hands on). Aren't scanners great?

  19. wow! good old memories...:) i am so curious on that blowhole...I wish to see one...:)


  20. Amazing adventures. Have you ever been tempted to return just to see if your initials are still there?

  21. You have certainly lived an adventurous life Inger. That location high up on a cliff is breath-taking!
    I can see now why and how you have 'adjusted' so well to your present somewhat remote location. And yet you lived in a huge city too!? You Swedes must be very adaptable people.

  22. I just know those initials are still there Inger. What an exciting life you have had thus far. Baja....I've always wanted to visit this area. It sounds so wild without a lot of noise from cars and such. Sand forever!

    Smiles on M!


  23. I would love to have an adventure like this. I had horses when I was growing up. Wonderful memories for you from this time.

    Play off the Page

  24. You had so many unique adventures! I really enjoy seeing the photos of you in your younger years. Seems to me like you haven't changed much.


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