Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Reflecting, April 2013

Theme ~ My 50 years in America

When Muhammad Ali was asked for a poem by the students he addressed at Harvard, he came up with this:


Which really says the same thing as the somewhat longer statement by President Kennedy that I quoted the other day.  

Yesterday, the TV was on all day, as we watched the manhunt in Boston. It was so sad and upsetting to see the face, the sort of round and sweet face, of that young policeman they allegedly shot at MIT. Why, what purpose did all this serve?

I looked at my husband and asked: How many times have we sat together and watched events like these unfold? 

As I said yesterday, I was going to post about the 1992 Los Angeles riots today, but I will save that for another time. Back then the police did someone terribly wrong, yesterday it was their finest moment. The flowers below are for them, for those who died, for those so horribly maimed, and for the people of Boston. 

Our Los Angeles flowers gone wild. 

Q was the end of my posts written in advance. Next week, I have plans for Route 66, Texas Panhandle, and Visits by my parents. I'm having so much fun finding old pictures I haven't seen for years. 


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