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Y is for Yellowstone National Park, 1969 ~ 1970

Theme ~ My 50 Years in America

Considered the oldest National Park in the world, Yellowstone was established by the  U. S. Congress and signed into law by President Ulysses H. Grant, on March 1, 1872.

Of all the places I saw on my travels across this beautiful country, nothing compares to Yellowstone National Park. The beauty of the place alone would put it high on my list, but the park's geological features, its waterfalls, geysers, and its animals makes it such an interesting, unusual, and special place. I am also glad I saw both the park and Jackson Hole in the late fall and winter, free of tourists and crowds. 

Yellowstone Lake, one of the largest high altitude lakes in the country,  sits over the Yellowstone Caldera, an active volcano and the largest super-volcano on the continent. 


Half the world's geothermal features are located in Yellowstone, and are fueled by this ongoing volcanic activity. 


Hundreds of animal species, several that are endangered, live in the park, including grizzly bears, wolves,  elk and the oldest and largest public bison herd in the country. 

I drove over to Yellowstone that first weekend I spent in Jackson Hole. I don't think I saw any critters much larger than chipmunks, but I did see Old Faithful, the famous geyser that erupts about every 91 minutes. I also saw bubbling cauldrons of hot springs in a rainbow of colors, I saw waterfalls, the large lake, forests and fields. The photo of Old Faithful and the photo below are the only two I could find and I don't remember any more. It would be a different story today.

While in the park, I met Linda and her boyfriend, whose name I can't remember. They were hitchhiking, so after spending some time with them in the park, I gave them a ride back to town. Later, Linda and I became very good friends, as she and her boyfriend decided to spend the winter in Jackson and I decided to stay as well.

I had an experience I've never forgotten the last time I drove out to Yellowstone. It was winter then, snow covered the road and the fields below the Teton mountains as I drove toward the park. I knew it would be closed, but I think something was on my mind and I wanted solitude, I wanted to be alone in nature. So, as I often did, I borrowed someone's car and drove there by myself. I stopped by Jackson Lake, close to the park entrance. I walked along the lake. That winter after my divorce, I had much to think about. The lake was frozen over and covered by snow; I was all alone. 

Actually, I'm pretty sure I was not all alone; many animals must have observed my lonely walk in the snow along the lake shore. 

And then I saw it, a red fox slowly walking across the snow- covered ice. It was so special and so lovely. ~ Sometimes when I sit here, watching the sun rise over the mountains, I think about that day and the fox in the snow.

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  1. wildlife is always special, we saw 2 fox here not many blocks from home and we were awestruck.. i would love to see Yellowstone... along the way of life you saw so much and met so many people and made friends. a great life you have had.

  2. What an amazing place. I had no idea it was like that. I only heard of it through Yogi Bear cartoons! And that fox. Wow!

  3. I too, had the privilege to visit Yellowstone and it is as you said, breathtakingly beautiful and so interesting. I didnt, however, decide to stay! lol Thanks for the memories.

  4. Beautiful beautiful photographs. The picture of the fox in the snow is hauntingly wonderful. How fortunate you were to have the solitude of the place -- I feel as though you were nurtured and healed there...

  5. thanks for sharing that very special, peaceful moment alone with nature.

    i've been to yellowstone to see old faithful. very neat.

  6. Wow! What a place. You were lucky to get to see all that! Maybe I'll get to see it some day! That would be really something!

  7. Beautiful. that fox was a gift of a moment from nature :)

  8. I love Yellowstone. Have been there twice!!... Can't believe you are on Y...where did the month go?? I have had an extra busy one!!

  9. I've never been to Yellowstone but want to visit it one day. Loved those photos Inger. An image brings a post alive.

    I know what you mean by needing to be alone to think about life and our place in it. That red fox was showing you it takes belief in the self to enjoy life (after all, the fox was walking on ice, himself).

    This series deserves to be highlighted under a tab, Inger.

  10. You were having an interesting, introspective time Inger. What better company for such an event than a fox. (A Bear would be good, too, but they're perhaps a little bit large for introspective times.)

    And speaking of Bears, what better place for Bears than Jellystone National Park?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (my poetry blog)

  11. Dear Inger, such a quiet posting today--filled with the serenity of a snow-laden world. And the ending--so filled with memory. That scene of you sitting today and remembering the past is poignant.

    I regret that I haven't been able to follow all your postings for the A to Z challenge. But I'm going to read them all in the next couple of weeks. I'll read two or three a day and leave comments.

    Today's supposed to get up to 83 degrees with a steady barometer and I feel as if it's the first day of the rest of my life! Peace.

  12. Oh Inger that was that fox telling you everything was going to be OK and you will never be alone unless you truly want to be. Nature heals everything. B

  13. Foxes are so beautiful! I just love Yellowstone :)

  14. I've been ruined by silly cartoons, I always think of Yellowstone as Jellystone.
    This can be embarrassing when I slip up :)

    You were kind to offer a ride to those folks you met. I love that you became friends with Linda, so cool.

  15. Yellowstone is the one place I absolutely know we will visit. Other places we will talk about, but Yellowstone is too important to miss.

    What introspection you have given with this and other posts!

  16. Visiting Yellowstone is one of the few things left on my bucket list!!

  17. I got chills reading about that little red fox. How precious.

  18. This is the second Yellowstone post I've come across today. Makes me want to go and visit.

  19. ja det skall ju vara något speciellt där. Sett flera naturprogram , mycket vackert där och mycket vilda dju.
    Småttingarna mår bra. Kram!

  20. Y(why) I(Ron) enjoyed this very much Inger (I is always for Inger, right)~~~ just having some fun.

    I would LOVE to visit Yellowstone Inger. Another of my childhood friends recently we reconnected loves Yellowstone too. SHe lives in Colorado. Now that the 2 of you have talked about this beautiful countryside, Jim and I will have to go there!

  21. Oh good! A 'road trip' ahead for the two of us!!! lol
    It was meant to be and that fox meeting on that winter afternoon. What a lovely memory for you.
    Yes Yellowstone would be great to see.....never know!
    Oh! I love the new header photo! I have never seen so many California Poppies in my life!

  22. I completely agree - nothing compares to Yellowstone. I loved the mud pots. We were there in Fall, and were lucky to have few humans and lots of wildlife.

    Love that header, Inger!

  23. You were in my territory. Actually Wyoming but you must have touched Montana. This whole area is "quite" the nature scene.
    One more day. Now, looking back, it went very fast

  24. That area is definitely on my bucket list. How beautiful.
    I found the fox stunning. That is my favorite animal. They are so beautiful but also clever and smart. I once rescued two foxes and delighted in their company for 10 years.

  25. Yellowstone would be on my bucket list for sure, Inger!...:)JP

  26. Hi Inger .. I've never been to Yellowstone, one day I hope to .. avoiding the tourists if I can!

    Love the views you've given us .. and that need to see - yet that need for solitude and peace ... quite often so necessary, which we forget about ... the day of the fox was obviously very memorable, especially with the memories you're able to recall all these years later.

    Love your descriptions ... you take us there.

    Now the roadside .. I guess those are California poppies ... quite stunning ... the desert is an amazing place ... cheers Hilary

  27. Wow it looks so beautiful and amazing! You are lucky to have visited :)
    X Hayley-Eszti


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