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Z is for Zephyr ~ The West Wind, 1969 ~ Present

Theme ~ My 50 Years in America

Flora and Zephyr (1875) William-Adolphe Bouguereau

I will end this A to Z Challenge with Zephyr, the Greek god of the west wind, the greatest wind of all, the gentle wind of spring and early summer, and the wind of the desert mountains where I live. 

Those of you who enjoy reading and studying Greek mythology will remember the Anemoi, the Greek gods of the  winds, each representing a different wind direction. These wind brothers enjoyed their sisters in more ways than one, Flora (the Roman name for the Greek goddess Chloris, sister of Zephyr) is pictured with him above. He was also the husband of another sister, Iris, the goddess of the rainbow. And, strangely, he was believed to have fathered two horses, later belonging to Achilles. And he wasn't through, but it would take up too much space here to tell it all.  No wonder I was so intrigued when, as a teenager, I was seriously reading about the gods of Greek mythology. 

I fell in love with this soft desert wind as soon as it wrapped itself around me in Santa Fe's central plaza so many years ago. 

Here in the canyon, the west wind is the prevailing wind and for most of the year it is gentle and sweet, cooling me down in the summer heat and helping to dry laundry on the line. 

Sometimes it can get fierce, but usually the strong winds come from other directions to pry loose even the largest tumble weeds, which then clog up our fences and stop our cars in their tracks. The winds are always scary in the summer when it is dry and hot, and you worry about fires. And it's no fun to drive through the desert in the Wrangler when the winds are blowing hard and you can't talk to each other because you can't hear. Expensive too, as it makes the jeep use much more gas than it normally does.

Man is now taming the winds, setting up more and more wind turbines, all over the pass here and down in the Mojave desert. While I love the idea of alternative energy sources, the sheer number of turbines are beginning to scare me. Also, I read that all 15,000 wind turbines in California combined provide energy to 350,000 or 1% of households, which raises the question: How much of the desert and other land areas  will be needed to bring this up to say 10%? And then what?


Thoughts on the A to Z Challenge

Looking back on my 50 years in this country has been revealing, sometimes difficult, always challenging. I appreciate your comments so much as they helped to shed light on some issues and most certainly gave me new insights into who I was then.

Thank you Arlee Bird for inventing this Challenge that helps so many of us to find new and interesting blogs and make new friends. Thanks to the hosts for taking the time to ensure its success. Also, many thanks to Julie Flanders: I have no idea what your minion duties entailed, but I do know that I have rediscovered you as a blogger friend and I want to keep in touch.

Now, if we did this in Swedish, we would still have three more letters to do! Just a thought, as the month of April comes to an end.

Source: Wikipedia & Google


Since some of you have expressed an interest in reading all the posts, I decided to put all three years of my A to Z experience in Pages, right under the blog header, one page for each year. It will be much easier to find the posts that way. I should be done by the end of the week. Thank you for your interest.


  1. A wonderful All American A-Z. I like the way you brought the wind in today and wove it in and out with the various subjects. Good job. Another year, another A-Z behind us. :)

  2. A perfect ending post for this challenge Inger I have so enjoyed everyone. Getting to know the "real" Inger from the start of her move to the USA has been fascinating.
    I love that you are happy where you finally ended up and three more letters would be great:) HUGS B

  3. What a lovely way to finish. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful A to Z memories!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  4. Lovely, Inger. I've so enjoyed your posts and this is my favorite. I love the wind, too, though the south wind is least favorite because it blows in directly off the Gulf of Mexico and brings muggy, muggy weather. The first time I visited New Mexico, I landed in Santa Fe, stepped off the little plane, and felt the caress of the fragrant west wind. The beginning of my enchantment.

  5. I love the wind - because it comes and goes on its own whim...

    And I loved this series of yours, for the same reason Buttons has - we have gotten to know you and your "history" better!

    And when youre Swedish you must do what the Swedes do - PLEASE DO THREE MORE LETTERS!!!!! :)!!

  6. Congratulations on finishing the A to Z challenge. Your fifty years in the USA have been very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I will stop by and read the entries I missed out on. there are only so many hours in a day and I feel guilty sitting and reading blogs because my husband needs me to walk with him. Take care. It has been fun. Hopefully we will get to see many more of your blogs.

  7. I love a desert wind, there is nothing like the feel of it.

    High five on completing the challenge!

  8. You did well on this challenge, Inger, and I know nothing about desert winds, so I've learned something about Greek gods and California winds.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, they seem to have some parallels to my own trek to Canada.

  9. those gods certainly got around! :)

    love the huge tumbleweed (especially since i don't have to deal with them here) and the wind turbines are impressive.

  10. My husband & I used to own one of those wind turbines. For easy identification, I painted a picture on it--my fishducky!!

  11. Oh, how nice of you to mention me, Inger! I so appreciate that and feel the same way about you.
    Thanks so much! :)

  12. A nice bit of Greek mythology there.
    I have thought about the energy made by the wind and that we have been real pigs as far as our energy usage.
    I loved the desert breezes, but not the wind, the fine sand gets in your teeth. :D

  13. i love that shot of the laundry and that is one big tumble weed. had not thought about the wind and gas mileage. that looks like a lot of windmills to do such a small amount of electric. i agree it is a little scary to think how many it will take to do say a city like LA

  14. Maybe you should turn your posts into a book. I've enjoyed reading many of them!

    Good luck!
    Mary Montague Sikes

  15. Hi Inger,

    I love your new header picture. You live in such an interesting place, and all those wind turbines.

  16. Jättetrevlig läsning och fina bilder till. Nu känner man dig lite mer....
    Tjatar lite om Skype, då hade du kunnat se valparna. 3 av valpköparna har det och tittar på valparna redan nu och kan följa dem till dagen de skall välja

  17. Love looking at these pictures, but I'll keep thinking about is going back to live in nature.

  18. You have 29 letters in the Swedish alphabet ~~ very interesting. Loved the tumble weed picture. I immediately thought ~~ what can I do with these huge things ~~ the artist in me I guess.

    Thank you for telling your story Inger from Mad Men to 2013 ~~~ Loved! it!


  19. I so enjoyed this installment of Inger's life in America -- what a wonderful life you've had and continue to have. xo

  20. Congrats for finishing and for taking us along with you on your splendid journey. Enjoyed it very much.
    That picture of the Santa Fe's central plaza is suitable for framing. Really, really nice.
    That wind farm is amazing.

  21. So glad I found your blog!It's been fun getting to know you!

  22. Inger, I'd love to know more about the 3 more letters!
    Loved your A-Z posts.
    Here, the wind is more of a fierce wind.

  23. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. Your posts were always informative and fun to read.

    It seems that in those 50 years you have had some great adventures while falling in love with the beautiful landscape of America.

  24. Delightful finish for your A-Z. I've enjoyed your stories. Congratulations on the fine work.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  25. Yes Inger, congratulations on a very informative and revealing 'challenge'! We have all gotten to know this Swedish woman a little more. And I for one am delighted to have gotten to meet you.

  26. Hi Inger - I am so glad we're not doing it in Swedish!!! We'd be doing it in one of the 31 day months I guess ..

    Your memories have stirred much - as I was growing up then too .. not moving country though, that came later for a while before returning to my roots.

    I wrote about the Zephyr in 2011 my first year .. and got defeated by the shenanigans of the Gods! So left it as the gentle westerly breeze.

    I can see why you love that wind up in your valley.

    Those windfarms with their turbines look awful - so barren and desolate .. and I've been worrying about the destruction putting them in - and some of ours are in the sea (mucking up the sea floor as well) - while giving us so little in return. Seems incongruous if not downright silly.

    That's me .. looking forward to lots more from you and your tales .. cheers for now - Hilary


Thanks for leaving a comment.. ~~ Inger


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